Prototypes and Product Viewing in Cinema 4D

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Paid course
4 hours
25 lessons
Available on completion
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Aarón Martínez

The designer and illustrator Aarón Martínez will teach you advanced techniques of modeling, texturing, lighting and render in Cinema 4D taking as starting point vector elements of Illustrator that you can apply to a variety of projects: still lifes, product visualizations, animated signs, etc.

Aarón also teaches in Domestika the course "Design of characters in Cinema 4D: from sketch to 3D printing" , where he teaches the basic concepts of 3D character design.


Learn to design, model and present 3D objects using vectorial elements

You will begin by getting to know the work of Aarón Martínez in the field of visualization and product development as well as some of his favorite references.

Next, Aaron will explain the tools and work process in Cinema 4D and Illustrator that you will use during the course: how the assets are prepared, modeling process, lighting techniques, creation of materials, textures and render.

During the course you will perform three different exercises that will serve as a final project:

The first project will be the realization of a 3D still life. To do this, you will learn advanced techniques of modeling, texturing and lighting a scene and place cameras with different lens types. Later you will make the render, you will give the last details of postproduction with Photoshop and you will discover how to present this piece in different graphic supports.

Later, you will devise and perform the modeling of a gadget of the future. You will see some visual references and you will create your first sketches. Then you will model the object and add interactivity (getting it to open, transform and be functional). Finally endow your object with realism through textures and lighting. Once the render is done, you will learn how to make a very simple landing page with Sketch to present or sell your product.

The third project you will develop will be an animated sign. From a vector illustration made in Illustrator, you will learn to give volume and correctly hierarchize the elements of the composition, you will give texture, color to the piece and finally you will create an animated loop to present the project.

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