Daily Sketching for Creative Inspiration

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Paid course
2 hours
15 lessons
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Sorie Kim

Finding the time to explore your imagination on a daily basis not only boosts your creative process, but it’s also a great way to improve your drawing technique. In this course, Sorie Kim, a freelance illustrator and instructor, guides you through the process of sketching every day using different techniques, while experimenting with your ideas.

Learn how to let go of perfectionist tendencies and loosen your hand to document your everyday life. See how to use the ideas from a sketch to develop illustrated pieces, and enhance your drawing technique with Sorie’s fun exercises.


Improve your drawing process as you explore, imagine, and experiment in your sketchbook on a daily basis

Meet Sorie Kim, discover her background in illustration and how she paved her own path in the field. Learn about the Korean artists that influence her work, as well as other international artists that inspire her.

Learn about the tools and materials Sorie uses, starting with sketchbooks, to inks, pens, and paints. Discover some fundamentals of sketching with Sorie’s tips on perspective drawing, seeing how to use vanishing points, and other techniques. Then, see how to make your sketches more dynamic by breaking down lighting use in your artwork.

To improve drawing technique, it is essential to practice sketching from observation. Learn how to section any subject you want to draw and build up your visual library. Learn how to draw from your imagination and see how to add color to your sketches. Then, go through some exercises to further explore and experiment in your sketchbook.

Discover how to take a sketch to a finished illustration, while leaving room to develop your initial idea. Learn how to create a system to organize your sketchbooks and finish the course by learning how to share your sketches on social media.

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