Creative Watercolor Sketching for Beginners

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5 hours
23 lessons
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Laura McKendry

Use your sketchbook as a playground to create unique illustrations and awaken your creativity. Artist and illustrator Laura McKendry believes the best way to approach our creative process is with a playful attitude. She is known for her abstract and imaginative compositions which have seen her create illustrations for the likes of Laura Ashley and Papyrus.

In this course, Laura shares the step-by-step process she uses for creative watercolor sketching. Learn to enrich your sketchbook with unconventional color combinations and create experimental illustrations which express your playfulness.

This is Laura’s second course with Domestika. In her first, Illustrating Nature: A Creative Exploration, she shares her expertise on illustrating the natural world. This course is ideal for anyone who is interested in capturing their everyday surroundings in watercolor form.


Paint exciting watercolor illustrations by exploring playful and unconventional techniques in your sketchbook

Laura begins the course by sharing her work as an artist and educator. She talks through the influences which impact her creative approach and how to go about finding inspiration.

Get to know the materials required to create watercolor sketches. Learn what to consider when choosing your sketchbook, paints, and brushes as a beginner. Then warm up your hands and start experimenting with objects and playful techniques. Let loose and explore what happens when paint meets wet paper. Discover how to create contrast and tone and have fun with the possibilities watercolors provide.

Experiment with color. Start with the theory behind the color wheel, then learn how to identify hue, value, and intensity, to understand how to develop color combinations. Combine layers of color, taking inspiration from the world around you, and find out how to achieve unconventional results with your paintbrush.

Fill your sketchbook with rough sketches, using photos for inspiration, before simplifying them into basic shapes. Then dive into discord and play around with colors that clash. Combine the tools and techniques from earlier in the course to create collages with patterns and textures.

Continue filling your sketchbook by exploring different ways of combining the techniques from previous lessons. Finish the course by hearing the stories behind Laura’s artwork.

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