Botanical Patterns in a Sketchbook: Conquer the Blank Page

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Polina Oshu

The most challenging part of drawing is starting— once you’ve started, the inspiration comes naturally. Pattern designer Polina Oshu finds her inspiration to draw from the beauty of nature, and loves to express her emotions through vivid colors. She has collaborated with brands like Marks & Spencer and Lush by creating bold pattern designs.

In this course, she teaches you how to draw with confidence to create striking botanical illustrations. Dare to fill a sketchbook with lively works of art by learning color theory, composition, and drawing techniques. Ready to find your unique artistic style?


Learn drawing techniques using markers to create floral and abstract patterns filled with color and creativity

Meet Polina Oshu, artist and pattern designer, and your teacher for this course. Hear about her creative journey that led her to work with brands like JucyJudy and Impression Originale. She also shares the artists and artworks that inspire her and her work.

Look for inspiration by exploring the beauty of nature and finding floral motives both from your imagination and the world around you. Polina shares her tips on finding your own artistic style, as well as how to bring your ideas to life by overcoming the fear of the blank page.

Dive into the theoretical aspect of drawing by learning about composition, color, layers and shapes. Learn how to create bold, vivid, and harmonious patterns in your sketchbook using floral motifs. Explore color theory using the color wheel to create your own palette. Polina also shares her tips when working with layers to make your artwork neater.

Apply everything learned throughout the course by drawing three abstract compositions. Begin by illustrating an abstract composition using complimentary colors. Then, create a floral illustration inspired by big blossom flowers. Move on to the last, and more complex, illustration of interlaced plants filled with details.

Wrap up the course by hearing Polina’s tips and tricks to becoming a professional artist. She shares with you her photography techniques when creating images for social media. Polina also discusses the importance of being part of an art community online for support and inspiration.

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