WordPress Theme Development

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Paid course
4 hours
29 lessons
Available on completion
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Ignacio Cruz Moreno

The themes in WordPress are the fundamental basis of the visual aspect of any web and, in addition, represent the best way to get involved in the development of WordPress. In this course you will learn in a didactic and different way to build a WordPress theme from scratch, gradually expanding it until you get to blog from scratch.

Accompanying you in this adventure will be Ignacio Cruz Moreno, specialized developer in WorPress and professor of the courses Creation of a professional website with WordPress e Introduction to web development with PHP


Learn to create a complete theme from scratch for the most well-known content manager on the web

You will start knowing Ignacio, who will tell you about his career and some of his works in WordPress. You will also learn about their influences within the world of web design.

Before starting work, you will install on your computer a code editor and other resources that Ignacio will provide you.

You will take a short tour of the WordPress database, the site where all the information you write about your website is stored. You will also install a series of plugins that will help you debug your code.

You will learn to identify the most important design units of a basic subject before writing the code to develop them, and then see how you can structure it.

You will first develop the header and footer of your website, essential parts of any page, applying various functions to add scripts and styles.

You will see what the hooks , the foundations of WordPress, are and how they work. With them you can extend any part of WordPress without touching the base code. Through them you can also communicate to WordPress what features your theme will support.

You will know what is perhaps the most powerful WordPress tool: The Loop . Any page, post or search result is shown through this functionality.

You will discover how the images within WordPress behave and the resizing operations that are applied to each image.

Next, you will learn to separate the content of your theme in several templates
depending on its typology.

WordPress is a flexible platform that lends itself to many extensions and Ignacio will tell you about some of them. You will start with the CSS classes of body and content, which are very important when it comes to style your website.

You will learn what they are and how you can display personalized posts, taxonomies, meta boxes, post templates and personalized pages in your theme. You will also see how to configure the appearance of a live web page, applying various options for header, background and logo.

Although the course is not focused on JavaScript, Ignacio will teach you to add some interactivity to your website through this language.

To finish, you will learn what the child themes are and you will give the final touches to your WordPress theme before packaging it and use it wherever you want.

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