Creation of an Online Shop with Shopify

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Paid course
2 hours
14 lessons
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Rocio Carvajal

Nowadays, electronic commerce plays a crucial role in the growth of new brands and businesses, allowing them to make transactions directly with consumers without going through traditional sale channels. In this course, you will learn how to use Shopify for the first time, the leading e-commerce platform, to create your first online store and bring your brand to the internet.

Rocío Carvajal - Co-Founder of The Make Group, a London based e-commerce and digital marketing agency - will be in charge of accompanying you on this journey. With more than a decade of experience in the world of electronic commerce, Rocío has worked with world leading e-commerce companies including Amazon, Shell and Sky.


Get started in the e-commerce world by using the top platform in the sector

You will start by getting to know Rocío, her professional career, some of her most famous clients and her new adventure: The Make Group, her own digital agency in which she applies the knowledge acquired working for large clients to startups. You will also get to understand the world of online commerce, web design and user experience.

You will take your first steps in Shopify by creating your account and taking a tour of the platform interface. You will see how to choose the design template of your store taking into account the type of product you will sell and the industry to which it belongs, and you will learn how to edit your template to suit your needs.

Next, you will learn to create products, simple or with variables (different sizes or colors) and create categories. Rocío will teach you how to manage your products and give you some tips to enhance your visibility on the user's journey.

You will see how to create content pages and blogs within your store; You will develop the "About us", "Cookies", "Terms and Conditions" and "Customer Service" sections. In addition, you will learn to manage your blog taking into account Google trends and basic SEO aspects.

You will create the navigation menus of your store, one for the footer and another for the main menu, always taking into account the mobile devices and their requirements.

You will learn to manage the payment gateway, using services such as Amazon Pay, PayPal or Shopify Payments. You will see how to configure Shopify to manage the most common sales tax calculations, depending on the country to which you sell, and also, how to configure the shipping costs of your products and notifications by email or SMS.

You will maximize the possibilities of your store by synchronizing different sale channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Rocío will also teach you to implement external applications to add functionalities to your store, such as integrating reviews, live chats, among others.

You will access the reports and statistics of your store, and see what data you should monitor. In addition to using Shopify reports and statistics to understand how your store is going, you will learn to implement Google Analytics to obtain reports from that platform.

Once everything is ready, you will test your orders to familiarize yourself with the entire process before launching your online store. You will put the payment gateway in trial mode to place orders without charges being applied to your account.

And now, yes: you are ready to launch! You will learn to connect your domain and remove maintenance mode before opening the digital doors of your store. Now, time to sell!

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