Introduction to UI Design

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Paid course
2 hours
21 lessons
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Christian Vizcarra

Do you want to learn the mindset and skillset you need to start a career in UI design? Meet Christian Vizcarra, the ideal professional to guide you through your next professional upgrade. With over nine years of experience in creating digital products and a collection of awards from Awwwards, Behance, and CSS Design, Christian shares all his UI design knowledge for you to start creating your own UI interface.

This is Christian’s third course on Domestika. You can learn how to design a mobile app from scratch in his first course. In his other course, he shows you how to create an app style guide, step by step.

Once you complete this course, you will be equipped with the knowledge you need to start a career in UI design. Are you ready to get started?


Learn the principles of interface design to start your career as a UI Designer

Start the course by getting to know Christian, about how he got into UI design, and see where he finds inspiration.

In the second unit, learn all about the user interface. Discover the theory and learn about the similarities and differences with UX when creating digital products. Understand the right mindset to adopt when working on a UI, see how to choose the right design software for your project, and get to grips with the design process involved when creating a digital product.

Next, learn about the elements that constitute your user interface, such as color, typography, icons, and more. See how Christian stays connected to the trends of the industry and see why it is important to stay up to date. Create a benchmark and search for references to inspire your project.

Get started on the post-production project by going through the use of buttons, forms, lists, and cards. Create a variety of options for each element and try out different functionalities.

In the final unit, see the tools Christian recommends to work with a team to get feedback and co-create, as well as some advice on how to communicate with your team members effectively.

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