Introduction to PHP Web Development

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Paid course
4 hours
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Ignacio Cruz Moreno

Web development brings together a growing number of programming languages but, with the passage of time, few maintain their relevance as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This is also the case of PHP -a recursive PHP synonym: Hypertext Preprocessor- a language that goes back to 1995 and that, after a series of updates, remains the most used programming language by content managers such as Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal.

In this course you will learn the basics of programming in PHP, and you will create a small content manager to get started in this fascinating language at the hands of Ignacio Cruz Moreno, a specialized Wordpress developer.

If you have already done the first course of Ignacio, Creation of a professional website with WordPress , here you will go a step further, creating your own platform to suit you.


Learn programming in the web language most used by content managers

You will start knowing Ignacio, his career and his influences. It will show you references of web pages that you find interesting and that are related to the project of the course. Ignacio will share his vision for the web pages of the future.

You will see what it is and how PHP works and then install the software you will need to start using it on your own computer. You will learn PHP syntax, that is, how to write code in this programming language.

You will learn to structure your PHP projects correctly and to store information within variables and constants. You will discover how to read errors in your code and how to debug them.

In the next unit, you will know the types of data that exist in PHP, from numeric to arrays . You will learn what the loops and the superglobal variables are and how to use them. You will also see what are the control structures and operators in PHP.

Next, you will learn to include files to keep everything organized, and forms to interact with visitors to your web page.

Every website needs to save your data and therefore you will learn the basics about databases and specifically MySQL. Ignacio will give you a brief introduction to MySQL with which you will learn how to integrate it into your project.

You will learn basic security concepts in your PHP project. You will create a login and registration form in your project. You will develop a simple front controller for your CMS.

You will see a short introduction to object-oriented development and use a class within your project.

Then you will take a walk through the frameworks and CMS best known in the PHP ecosystem: WordPress, Drupal, Laravell, Code Igniter and you will see what they can do for you.

Finally, you will learn how to upload your code to a server in production. Ignacio will guide you in the world of hosting and will show you several options.

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