Design, Development, and Launch of a Website

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Paid course
3 hours
27 lessons
Available on completion
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Javier Usobiaga Ferrer

In web design, a good interface is able to mirror and satisfy how the human brain reacts. This means that there’s a hidden designer in every one of us—perhaps in need of awakening—that is capable of seeing something that works, and know that there’s a certain harmony to it, without being able to describe it. If you want to learn the web design principles and activate your inner designer, you’ve come to the right place.

In this course, you’ll discover the two aspects involved in creating a website: the basic techniques to plan and organize the information in wireframes, as well as the creation of a visual grammar using typography, color palettes, spacing, composition, and illustration. Then, you’ll delve into the construction of your page using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, until it’s ready to be launched online.

Your guide throughout this process will be Javier Usobiaga, web designer and founder of the Swwweet design studio, and teacher of many courses on Domestika, namely: SVG Vectorial Graphics: Illustrate and Animate with Code, Web Layout with CSS Grid, Flexbox and other Modern Techniques, Introduction to JavaScript Programming, and Introduction to Responsive Web Development with HTML and CSS, which will also be useful as an add-on to your newfound skills from this course.


Learn the complete process behind creating and publishing a website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Start the course by getting to know Javier and some designers and developers he follows that write articles and experiment with web technology. Get an overview of what is covered in the course and then delve straight into your website creation.

Learn the principles of visual design, understanding each element involved, and focusing on typography, color, grids, and illustration.

Discover how to use a static HTML generator and its template system, as well as the organization of files and creation of master pages.

In the following unit, start transferring your design system to front-end code: typography, color, grid, and other components.

Next, add interactive elements to your project using different libraries and JavaScript functions.

See how version control works for coding, and finally, use a publishing service to share your website with the world.

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