Creativity and Tech: Transform the World with Innovation

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Paid course
1 hour
13 lessons
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David Alayón

Can you imagine solving everyday challenges using a web page or an app? For techno-creativity expert David Alayón, rethinking technology to solve real problems is his specialty. With more than seventeen years of experience working with brands like Nike, Inditex, IKEA, and Pepsi, his mission is to reshape the world with new business models, products, and services.

In this course, learn how to design original, innovative, and intelligent solutions. Observe and experiment with your surroundings to identify areas of everyday life that could be improved by technology and see how to explain, present, and share your project or initiative.


Learn to solve everyday challenges by finding inventive solutions to real problems with techno-creativity

Begin the course by meeting David Alayón, who tells you about his professional career and shares some of his favorite work. He also shows you his biggest influences including the companies, creative minds, and initiatives, which have shaped the way he thinks and acts.

Start with an overview of techno-creativity and discover what it is, where and why the term came to be, how it has evolved, and its future potential. Decide on a problem you want to solve and dive into your first practical exercise: breakdown a smartphone into separate sections to understand what it's truly capable of.

Next, learn how to use different structured creativity techniques to find innovative solutions to your problem. Choose one or more of these solutions using a priority matrix and try to improve on them until you have a distilled version that meets your needs.

Revise your final idea and learn how to create a professional presentation to showcase it. David then gives you a series of recommendations on tools and platforms you can use to transform your ideas into a tangible solution. To wrap up the course, explore the infinite possibilities of having a techno-creativity mindset.

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