Creative Web Design: Planning and Coding from Scratch

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DXR Zone

Nowadays, just about everyone needs a website. Whether it’s to showcase your portfolio, or for a business to reach their customers. Knowing how to code is a useful skill to have overall. Rifke Sadleir and Dan Baragwanath, the founders of the creative programming agency DXR Zone, are here to teach you the fundamentals of coding from scratch, and how to launch a visually-striking website.

In this course, get a complete walkthrough of planning, designing, formatting, and launching your very own website. Learn how to code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and learn how to use the free programs that facilitate coding.


Learn how to design and build an engaging website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Meet Rifke and Dan, the graphic designers and programmers behind DXR Zone, and your teachers for this course. They share their unconventional journey that led them to start their creative web development and art direction agency. See some of their recent work, and hear about the artists and designers who influence it.

Discover the preparation that goes into building a website before writing code. Learn how to build a concept by deciding on the purpose and target audience of your website. Get inspired by references to visualize a design and create a mood board. Then, start planning the user’s journey through your website by making a sitemap and coming up with a design proposal using Figma.

Next, get an overview of how to use Atom, a software to code, before learning how to code step by step. First, learn how to code in HTML to create the basic webpage. Then, see how to code in CSS to add style elements and formatting to your website. Tie it all together by learning how to code in JavaScript to add fun and interactive components to your web design.

Time to go live! Rifke and Dan teach you how to put your website live on the internet. Explore how to test your website for bugs or other common problems, and learn some useful troubleshooting and debugging solutions. Once your website is user tested and good to go, you’ll be ready to share it with the world!

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