Angular & Loopback - Build a Complete Website from Scratch


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Paid course
9 hours
66 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Umair Jameel
  • Note Taking App in Loopback
  • Authentication with Loopback and Angular
  • Angular
  • Loopback
  • Website designing with Angular Material
  • Email Verification in Loopback
  • Reset Password in Loopback
  • Change Password in Loopback
  • Lazy loading in Angular
  • Angular Material
  • Angular components communication
  • Mongodb with Loopback


Loopback note taking app having registration, login, forget password, email verification, change password and dashboard.

Loopback is Nodejs framework for creating apis and providing UI for testing the apis. Angular is Javascript framework for creating single page web apps. After completing this course, you will be able to build a complete and full fledge note taking web app using Loopback and Angular 8.

If you want to learn even one technology like Angular or Loopback, this course provide you enough knowledge to build high level web applications with best code practices.

I will start with creating folder structures of the Angular and Loopback projects, following the best practices and code quality. These are the following topics I will be covering in this course.


  • Loopback introduction

  • User registration in Loopback

  • User login in Loopback

  • User email verification in Loopback

  • Forget password in Loopback

  • Change password in Loopback

  • Creating Loopback models using commands

  • Build proper folder structure in Loopback project

  • Build custom templates in Loopback

  • Creating remote methods in loopback

  • Using hooks in Loopback

  • Model relationships in Loopback

  • Access controls in Loopback


  • Angular cli commands

  • Angular Routing

  • Angular Components communication

  • Angular project folder structure

  • Lazy Loading in loopback

  • Best Practices and Interfaces

  • Using rich text box for creating notes

  • Utilising loopback apis in angular

  • Build nice looking Angular material UI

In this course, I will build a note taking app that will include categories and each category will have multiple notes which we can perform CRUD operations on.

I can assure, you will become a full stack developer after completing this course and can build hight level enterprise web apps. I hope to see you taking this course.

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