Angular 8 Certification Training (basic to advanced level)


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Paid course
All Levels
21 hours
30 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Uplatz Training
  • Gain end-to-end knowledge of Angular 8 technology & framework
  • Acquire skills for Full Stack Web Developer
  • Prepare for Angular 8 Certification
  • Create Angular apps that are device agnostic
  • Learn Angular CLI Installation and different Angular 8 Components
  • Understand TypeScript, Templates, and Decorators that are used to create components
  • Understand Angular Component creation
  • Learn how to customize Angular Components, Interpolation, Property Binding
  • Learn Class Binding, Style Binding, Event Binding
  • Explain what are Angular 8 Pipes and how they can be used
  • Learn how to integrate Angular 8 with Bootstrap
  • Understand Angular 8 Directives, Routing, Services
  • Create Angular 8 Template Driven Forms and Reactive Forms
  • Learn Angular 8 REST API and how Observables are used to consume REST services
  • Explain Angular CLI and Angular 8 Life Cycle Hooks
  • Learn to capture and validate data with template-driven forms
  • Learn to modularize your apps with the Component Router
  • Compiling Angular Application
  • Explain Angular 8 Dev Build vs. Prod Build
  • Deploy Angular 8 Application in Tomcat Server
  • Perform & execute Unit Testing in Angular 8
  • Learn tying data and events together
  • Learn to build Angular directives


Become a Front End / Full Stack Web Developer with complete command over Angular 8. Code, build, deploy an Angular 8 app

A warm welcome to the Angular 8 course by Uplatz.

Angular is a JavaScript framework that gives developers the tools to build powerful single-page applications and is a very robust UI framework for mobile and web-based application development. The important concepts of the Angular are Directives, Controllers, Expressions, Filters, Tables, Views, etc. The library of Angular provides many features that allow the ability to implement complex requirements like data binding, routing, and animations. One of the unique features of angular is the ability to help guide you as the developer on how to write your code into a given framework.

Angular is an incredibly powerful, versatile, and battle-hardened application framework from Google. Angular lets developers build sophisticated and highly performant web, desktop and mobile applications and offers an unparalleled developer experience. This is the reason why Angular is one of the most popular and most widely used frameworks across industries.

Angular is a UI framework that is based on MVC (Model View Controller) design pattern. It supports complete UI stack web development and also mobile applications. It was developed and is being maintained by Google and a group of community members. It was initially released in the year 2010. It was licensed under MIT license. It was purely written in the JavaScript language. Angular is currently hosted on GitHub repository. Initially, it was called Angular JS and from version 2.0 onwards it was simply called Angular. It is mainly used for the development and testing of the front-end applications based on MVC and MVVM (Model View – View Model) architectures. It was developed in such a way that the application will be loosely coupled by separating the business logic with the DOM manipulation.

Angular is being widely used in organizations such as Google, IBM, PayPal, Netflix, Reliance, Samsung, and so on.

Uplatz presents this extensive course on Angular framework. covering all features from the initial version to Angular 8 version. With this Angular course you will gain expertise and skills to make you a skilled developer ready for building scalable single-page applications. This comprehensive Angular course covers everything from TypeScript, Components, Directives, Pipes, forms to routing, RxJs, working with APIs, testing and deployment on the cloud.

This Angular training will help you master the fundamental concepts. You will learn how to build, test, and deploy Angular-powered production-ready apps. Realize the power of building composable components and leverage Angular’s built-in testing framework to make sure your code works correctly. The goal of this Angular 8 course is to train you effectively on Angular JS and help you in mastering this technology. This Angular training will be enabling the trainees to understand the concepts from scratch and will also help them learn how to leverage it while application UI development.

Angular 8 - Course Syllabus

1. Introduction of Angular 8

  • Angular 8 Introduction

  • History and versions of Angular 8

  • Architecture of Angular 8

  • How to install Angular 8 and set-up it

  • Creating our first Angular 8 app

  • Angular 8 app loading

2. Difference between Angular and React

  • Angular vs React

3. Angular 8 Advantages Disadvantage

  • Advantage and Disadvantage of Angular 8

4. Angular 8 File Structure

  • Angular 8 file structure

5. Angular 8 components

  • Components of Angular 8

6. Angular 8 CLI Commands

  • All CLI commands of Angular

7. Angular 8 with Bootstrap

  • How to install bootstrap for Angular 8

  • Libraries of Angular 8

8. Angular 8 Routing

  • Routing in Angular 8

9. Angular 8 Directives

  • Angular 8 Directives

  • Angular 8 ngIf Directive

  • Angular 8 ngFor Directive

  • Angular 8 ngSwitch Directive

  • Angular 8 ngClass Directive

  • Angular 8 ngStyle Directive

10. Angular 8 Pipes

  • Angular 8 Pipes

11. Angular 8 Data Binding

  • Angular 8 Data binding

  • Angular 8 Event binding

  • Angular 8 Property binding

  • Two-way data binding in Angular 8

12. String Interpolation in Angular 8

  • Angular 8 String Interpolation

13. Angular 8 Forms

  • Angular 8 Forms

  • Data flow of forms in Angular 8

  • Creating forms in Angular 8

  • Testing and validation of forms in Angular 8

14. Error fixing in Angular 8

  • Error fixing in Angular 8

15. Dependency Injection and Services in Angular 8

  • Dependency injection services in Angular 8

16. Angular 8 Animations

  • Angular 8 Animations

17. Dynamic Components in Angular 8

  • Dynamic Components in Angular 8

18. Angular 8 Module

  • Angular 8 Module

  • Deploying an Angular 8 App

19. Introduction of Unit Testing in Angular 8

  • Unit testing in Angular 8

20. Observables in Angular 8

  • Observables in Angular 8

21. Angular 8 Universal

  • Angular 8 Universal

22. Angular 8 changes and new Features

  • New features and changes in Angular 8

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