Angular 7 with Angular Material and Firebase Cloud Firestore


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Course overview

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Paid course
All Levels
3 hours
49 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Patrick Schroeder
  • Build web apps using Angular 7+
  • How to use the Angular CLI
  • Add styling using Angular Material
  • Generate Angular modules, forms, components, and routes
  • Retrieve data from the OpenWeatherMaps API
  • Integrate Google Maps API
  • Work with the Cloud Firestore NoSQL Database
  • Authenticate users
  • Store and retrieve user's data
  • Perform CRUD operations
  • Deploy to production on a live URL!


Learn Angular 7+ by example with Cloud Firestore and Angular Material. Includes CRUD, Authentication, Routing, HTTP.

Learn to build blazing fast single-page web apps using Angular, Angular Material and Cloud Firestore database.

This course is made in a learn by example format.  You will use the Angular CLI to build a dynamic and interesting application.  Once complete, you will create a production build and push your application to a live URL.

Application Features Include:

Authentication, CRUD, Data Persistence to Firestore, App Deployment

Who is this course for?

Made with the beginner in mind, this course is structured to help you fully grasp every terminal command and line of code.

What Angular concepts will I learn?

You will learn about all the major concepts needed to build interesting apps, including: 

Forms, Routing, HTTP, Components, Modules and Interfaces

Which external libraries are covered?

The app we build will include the following libraries:

Angular Material with Flex-Layout for styling, Google Maps, AngularFire for Firestore, Ngx-Auth-FirebaseUI for Authentication

Which API's will be used?

We will be using the OpenWeatherMaps API to request real-time city data.  Then persist this data to our Firestore database for logged in users.

What skills will I have once I have completed?

After completing this course, you will have a strong understanding of Angular 7+ with typescript.  This includes how to structure your application files and folders, how to use the Angular CLI and what is considered best practices when building Angular apps.  Additionally, you will be able to create production ready applications that authorize users, are secure and persist data.

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