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Paid course
13 hours
122 lessons
Available on completion
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Dan Vega
  • Learn to use Spring Boot with Angular
  • You will learn how JHipster can be used to quickly build a full featured application
  • See how to build real world loyalty application
  • Learn to use MongoDB with Spring Data MongoDB
  • Use Spring Security to enable social logins (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Learn how to deploy Spring Boot Applications to Amazon AWS


Learn How to Build Spring Boot & Angular Applications with JHipster

In this course, you will learn how to build applications using some of the hottest technologies in the industry today, Spring Boot and Angular. 

Spring Boot brings you an enterprise class backend. While Angular gives your application a modern web front end.

Bringing these two technologies together is JHipster.

What is JHipster?

Winner of the 2017 JAX Innovation Award, JHipster is a development platform which allows you to generate, develop and deploy Spring Boot + Angular applications quickly and painlessly.

You will start off the course by building a simple Spring Boot + Angular application from scratch. While Spring Boot takes care of a lot of the boilerplate configuration, you'll see there is still plenty of coding to create the Angular application. 

Next, we will take a closer look at JHipster. We will show you how to setup your development environment to use JHipster. Then we recreate the Spring Boot + Angular application using JHipster. Both applications use Hibernate to support access to traditional SQL databases.

But we don't stop there!

You also get to build an Angular application with Spring Boot for MongoDB. One of the hottest NoSQL databases in use today!

Another core strength of JHipster is Spring Boot Microservices. You will get access to a whole module showing you how to build Spring Boot Microservices!

In the last part of the course, you get to see Spring Boot and Angular in action. We use JHipster to develop a real world customer loyalty application. 

This is a real world application, with a real customer. 

The real world application is designed for you to learn from two Spring Framework professionals. You get to see the whole process from the beginning design, to deploying the application on AWS.

You will get to see Dan and John interview the customer about the requirements of the application.

Then, you get to see step by step how to create the Spring Boot + Angular using JHipster.

This includes:

  • Creating the Spring Boot Project with JHipster

  • Using JDL Studio to create the data model

  • Configuring Spring Security to use Facebook and Twitter logins

  • Using CircleCI for Continuous Integration Builds

  • Managing database creation with Liquibase

  • How to use MapStruct for type conversions 

  • Customize Angular generated by JHipster 

  • Managing Secrets 

  • Using GitHub to track issues

  • Running Spring Boot in a Docker container

  • Deploying the application to AWS - Everything from provisioning the server to configuring DNS

All source code examples for the course are available for you in GitHub.

Students enrolling in this course are also eligible to receive a free 120 day trial license to IntelliJ Ultimate. 

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