Angular 12 - Complete Beginner's Guide 2021 [Step by Step]


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Course overview

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Paid course
6 hours
84 lessons
Available on completion
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Navin Balla
  • Modern Frontend Web Development
  • In-depth understanding of Angular fundamentals
  • Developing Angular applications
  • Understanding Single Page Applications
  • Adding RESTAPI Communication to your Angular application


Front End Web Development, Component, Service, Route, Module, Decorator, HTTPClient, Typescript, Angular.js successor

The course is created to learn Angular 12 and the detailed planning needed for creating an Angular application. Which will help you to create applications from scratch & maintainable for increasing the scale of it as well. The course covers the below things.

  • Planning for angular application

  • Components

  • Services & Dependency Injection

  • Directives

  • Modules

  • Traditional Vs Modern Approach

  • DB Setup

  • Data Binding

  • File Structure

  • Pipes

  • Course project

  • Best Practices

  • and many more

How learning will be simpler & clear with Project?

I tried to introduce all concepts by giving first a practical solution & then understanding in depth. I hope it will help you to know the concepts better. The complete course project is made available in resource sections so if you have some issues in implementation, you can refer to that.

In addition to this also discussed a lot about advantages, disadvantages and alternate ways for same solutions. Which will help you to understand in more detail with a broader perspective.

How you can clarify your doughts while going through the course

Feel free to visit the Questions and Answers sections, If it is not answering your question, write your question in the question and answer section so that we can assist you in all possible ways.

I wish you the best of luck for your upcoming Angular learning journey with me.

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