WordPress Web Development Course For Beginners


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Paid course
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10 hours
60 lessons
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Quinton Dreyer
  • My Students will learn how to develop a website using WordPress, with no previous coding or web development experience.


Create Your Own Responsive Website With WordPress. Even If You Have No Coding Or Previous Web Development Experience

This is a 9 and a half hour beginners level course for anyone who wants to create their own website using WordPress, or any developer starting out, and wants to learn a bit more about WordPress.

In this course, you will learn how to create your own website, using the powerful content management system, WordPress.

I will take you through everything from A to Z, so even if you have never even thought about creating a website, once you have completed my course, you will know how to develop your own website. Your should be able to create a blogging site or even a website for your business.

What you will learn from taking this course:

  • What is WordPress

  • There are two (2) types of WordPress platforms, get to know the difference between them

  • How to set up WordPress on your local server, so you can develop your website without a domain or hosting provider. I will give you (2) two alternative platforms to use to develop your website on your local server.

  • What is a domain and web hosting

  • How to register your domain and sign up for web hosting

  • How to install WordPress in your web hosting account, using cPanel

  • Getting to know your WordPress dashboard

  • How to get your WordPress site ready for development

  • How to create posts (for use in blogging websites, or websites with a blog page)

  • How to create pages

  • How to create menus

  • How to set your homepage

  • Giving your site a name and tagline

  • How to create a site icon

  • How to install a WordPress theme

  • How to install plugins

  • What is Elementor page builder and how to use it

  • How to create a custom header and footer

  • How to build your own sidebar

  • How to create a template of a page or post to use when creating future pages and posts on your WordPress website

  • Using Elementor to create responsive (websites which are compatible to all devices and browsers) website

  • How to link your pages together

  • How to create links to your social media pages

  • How to set up a contact form

  • How to create a backup of your WordPress website, the right way

  • How to set your website up on your hosting account, if you developed it from your local server

  • How to speed up your website by using free WordPress plugins

  • How to import starter templates or demo websites to change into your own website

  • Where to find premium plugins and themes

This is just to mention some of the things you will learn during this course.

This course will surely make you at ease to easily create your own website without any previous experience or knowledge of coding.

Happy learning.

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WordPress Web Development Course For Beginners
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