What's New in Java 9 - Modules and More!


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  • Understand the new features in Java 9
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Improve Your Career Prospects by Learning About New Java 9 Features Like Modules, JShell, Processes and More.

Do you know some Java, but worry that with the recent release of Java 9, your skills are now outdated?

Maybe you are a programmer in another language, but want to improve your career prospects by learning about Java 9?

Perhaps you know Java 8 well, and want to find out about the new features in Java 9 so you can put them to use as quickly as possible?

Whatever the reason, if you want to find out about the new features in Java that are relevant to the majority of Java developers, then this course is for you.

The goal of the course was not to simply go quickly through all the new features in Java 9 at a very high-level. Nor was the goal to get into such detail that we forget about the feature we are studying. 

Instead, the course was designed to help you really understand these new features.  

So, we'll look at what motivated the changes in Java 9 so we can better understand why there are needed and what issues they address.

Then simple, but relevant examples are provided to demonstrate each feature.

Your instructor in this course is Frank Mitropoulos Ph.D, a university professor with over 23 years of software development teaching experience.

What are some of the new features in Java 9?

Among the many new features in Java 9 are the Java Shell, The Java Platform Module System, and updates to the Process API.

In this course we'll look at the Java Shell in detail. 

We think you will love the Java shell! It makes learning Java, exploring APIs, and experimenting with Java code so much easier and very productive. 

Once you start using it, we think you will go back to it over and over again when you have to write small snippets of code and especially when you are learning a new concept.

The Java Platform Module System is probably the feature that most developers have heard about when they think about Java 9. 

The Java 9 Platform Module System allows Java to move forward  by modularizing the JDK as well as adding modules as first class citizens to Java. 

The module system is actually quite intuitive and we think you will understand it and appreciate its impact straight away.

In this course we explain the motivation and goals for the module system and  then we look at every detail. Along the way we create a modular JokeServer application that we take from not using modules at all, all the way through being completely modularized and having a JavaFX front end.

Finally, we discuss some of the issues you may have when migrating existing non-modular code in Java 9 and we walk through a simple example.

Another exciting addition to Java 9 are the updates to the Process API.

The Process API allows developers to work with native processes directly in Java code.

No more hacky code and no more Java Native Interface code is needed to do things that were previously impossible to do directly in Java. 

In this course we look at the main use-cases where the Process API can be used and show live code examples right in the Java shell. You won’t believe how easy we can now work with processes on any OS.

That's just an example of some of the content of What's New in Java 9.

If you are ready to learn about the wonderful new features of Java 9, then click the enrolling button and get started today.

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