What's New in Java 8: Java 8 New Features

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  • Understand all the new features of Java 8
  • Complete overview of Lambda Expressions
  • Complete overview of Method References
  • Complete overview of Optional Class
  • Complete overview of Functional Interfaces
  • Complete overview of Date Time API


Explore new Java 8 features like Lambda Expressions, Method References, Functional Interfaces and so on with examples

Java 8 is the major and most awaited release of Java . In this tutorial we are trying to teach you the Java 8 new features in detail with practical examples and their usage in a simple and intuitive way.

Upon completing this course, my goal is that you should be familiar with concepts like:

  • Lambda Expressions
  • Functional Interfaces
  • Method References
  • New Date/Time API
  • Default Methods
  • Streams concepts
  • Optional Class

All the material which is used in this course is attached.

You can complete this course in 2-3 hours and please don't ignore any Quiz.

We made this course such a way that everyone can understand easily, we added the basic concepts in the beginning lectures , then added advanced topics and added practical examples for every new concept to understand it better.

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