WebAssembly Beginner to Advanced 2020


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
3 hours
35 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Kriszti√°n Sala
  • Learn what is WebAssembly and why it is useful
  • How you can use it to speed up your web applications
  • Compile C/C++ code to create Web Assembly (wasm) modules
  • Use the powerful Emscripten compiler for local compilations and more
  • Learn the low-level parts: memory and tables
  • Create advanced applications using the Emscripten glue code
  • Understand and use the WebAssembly Text Format (Wat)
  • Call C/C++ functions from JavaScript
  • Run JavaScript functions and expressions in C/C++
  • Debug the created WebAssembly modules


Boost your web applications and run native code on the web with WebAssembly, Emscripten, Qt and more

In this course you will learn what WebAssembly is, how can you use it and benefit from its capabilities.

This is a brand new technology which lets you to run your C/C++, Rust, AssemblyScript code (and many more to come) on the web by using assembly-like binary files.

You will learn:

  • To compile your C/C++ code to the WebAssembly binary format (wasm) using online compilers, and after this, the Emscripten toolkit locally.

  • The low-level building blocks of a WebAssembly module

  • The WebAssembly Text Format (wat) and use it to solve complex problems

  • How to use the Emscripten Module object and the generated glue code

  • Call C/C++ functions from JavaScript and vice-versa

  • Debug and launch the Emscripten web server

  • Compile a Qt project to WebAssebly

  • If you want to be a part of the future of the web development, this is the best place for you to start. You will get to an advanced level of using the web assembly technology in no time.

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