Web Development 2020 Learn Frontend and Build Apple Website


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
All Levels
8 hours
83 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Dev Nirwal
  • Hmtl5
  • Css3
  • Creating Apple website
  • Adding audio and video on the browser
  • Creating tables and lists
  • Adding and styling images on the browser
  • Adding margins and paddings
  • Adding paragraphs and heading on the browser
  • Types of css and how to use them
  • Adding colours and creating colours
  • How to apply programming knowledge to build something with that
  • Creating forms on webpages
  • Creating transformation and transistion animations
  • Creating shadows and borders
  • Adding gradients and background images
  • Classes and id's
  • Styling text, links and webpages


Learn complete html and css and then build apple website to apply all what you will learn

Do you wanna learn to create a website, how you can make good looking website on the browser. Well check out the content of the course. you will learn complete html5 with adding paragraphs, headings, images, creating forms and a lot more. In css you will to style the webpages with different colours, animations, shadows and a lot more other properties.

And we will not just finish by learning the boring content, because that's what you can also do in school and colleges. I will teach you that how you can use and apply all your knowledge to build real website and as an example we are going to build apple website in this course so that you will understand all what you learn.

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Web Development 2020 Learn Frontend and Build Apple Website
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