Web Developer Fundamentals: Newbie to Pro Web Bootcamp!


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Paid course
All Levels
55 hours
424 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Simon Sez IT
  • Create and manage websites
  • Learn to create websites using a wysiwyg HTML editor
  • Learn Basic HTML & CSS
  • Learn how to develop using PHP and MySQL
  • Advanced web development languages including JavaScript, jQuery and XML
  • Advanced programming techniques
  • Dozens of code examples to download and test
  • Learn how to create responsive websites using the Bootstrap framework
  • 11 optional quizzes with over 300 questions to test what you've learned
  • Learn essentials for AngularJS
  • Put their skills into practice with a real Python project
  • What is Python and why was it created.
  • How Python fits into the diverse ecosystem of programming languages.
  • The basic data types in Python - Strings, Integers, Floats, and Boolean
  • The basic data types in Python - Strings, Integers, Floats, and Boolean
  • All about Pythons built-in functions
  • How to debug errors in Python
  • How Variables and Functions work in Python
  • How to use IF-Else Statements in Python
  • All about storing complex data, including Lists and Dictionaries
  • How to install Python locally
  • How to write your first script in Python


The 12 must have web programming courses to help you become the ultimate web developer. Includes 50+ hours of training.

“WOW! You built that?!" After taking this 50+ hour course, your web developer skills will quickly make you the envy of your friends, create awe among your colleagues, and even help you land a cool, high-paying job as a web developer. 

Best yet, this collection of courses is available at a fraction of what they'd cost individually. So you get exclusive access to thousands of dollars worth of web development training -- for just $199 - Sweet! 

This course is a careful compilation of the 12 most essential programming languages that you'll need to accelerate from absolute novice to advanced developer. You'll receive practical learning techniques, along with expert advice and valuable tips, on how to create fully interactive and custom-designed websites and web applications. 

Step-By-Step Advancement for Developer Success  

We've helped over 70,000 students become a wiz at web development. We carefully design each course to maximize your understanding and online learning success. You'll receive a combination of stimulating lectures, coding examples with exercise files for real hands-on practice, and an optional quiz to test your learning along the way. 

The end result? You'll go from total newbie to a totally talented web developer with a set of simple steps that can be completed in one week. 

11-Steps to Becoming an Awesome Web Developer  

  • Dreamweaver CC for Beginners (Dreamweaver CS6 also included)

  • HTML/CSS Crash for Beginners

  • HTML5 Essentials for Beginners

  • PHP Programming for Beginners

  • MySQL for Beginners

  • Learn Advanced PHP Programming

  • Learn JavaScript for Beginners

  • Learn XML Crash Course

  • Build a Responsive Website with Bootstrap 3

  • Learn jQuery Crash Course

  • Learn AngularJS Crash Course

  • Introduction to Python (Added August 2020)

  • The introductory Dreamweaver course teaches students with no previous website knowledge on web development how to create a website from scratch. Advancing to the HTML/CSS crash course will teach you basic website building plus the coding required. Expand your developer skills with PHP and MySQL courses – ideal for creating and maintaining dynamic websites. By the time you graduate to the JavaScript, XML Crash Courses, and Bootstrap courses, you'll be able to create fully interactive and engaging websites. 


    • 12 courses

    • 54 hours of video, over 350 videos

    • 12 optional quizzes to test what they've learned consisting of 300+ questions and answers

    Additional Bonus: Effective February 2015, the Dreamweaver CS6 course is available at no additional cost. 

    UPDATE: June 2015 AngularJS course added.

    UPDATE: August 2020 Introduction to Python added

    What our students are saying:

    "Very good well balanced web development course. Would highly recommend it". - Jamal Mahamed

    "Very broad, well presented course". - Marcus Simpson

    "Instructor presents the material clearly and completely". - William Powers

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