Visual C# with WinForms Step by Step Projects for Beginners


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Course type
Paid course
All Levels
16 hours
208 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Pavol Almasi
  • Practice OOP, Arrays, Loops, and all other basic and intermediate programming concepts
  • Think like a programmer
  • Put theoretical knowledge of C# into practice
  • Uderstand project requirements and choose the right approach to each solution
  • Construct, identify, and use Windows Form Controls effectively
  • Improve your overall C# skills


Learn Visual C# with Windows Forms by doing programming projects for beginners and progress to intermediate level

C# programmers are highly in demand for corporate and government projects. So, congratulations on choosing to learn this amazing language. :-)

But as it is often the case among beginners, the struggle to put into practice the theoretical concepts and language syntax is very real. How do you implement your knowledge into actual projects? How do you practice without feeling like you're running in the circles without ever moving forward to intermediate level? You turn on Visual Studio and just stare at it the same way a painter stares at a blank canvas. But fear not! With this course, you can learn to eliminate your fear of code! And all it takes is a little practice and determination. And that’s where this course will help you greatly!

The course goes over variety of C# programming projects. I show you how to put the theory you learned into practice by showing you how to solve each exercise and walking you through all the Why’s and How’s. 

Because the course is all about practice, some of the concepts are repeated across multiple exercises. The course is not meant to follow any particular guidline where each exercise builds up on the previous one, but rather serves as a comprehensive reference, allowing students to skip exercises if they are already familiar with the concept in those exercises.

In the process, you will learn a alot about C# language and Windows Forms. You will learn how to translate the project requirements into a working code. You will learn to use many different basic programming concepts, such as Conditional Statements, Loops, Arrays, OOP, … and pick the right one for your solution. But above all, you will learn to think like a programmer!

This course is all about practice. Therefore, to benefit from this course, you need to be an active student. It doesn't matter if you are self-taught or attend a programming course. What matters is the time and effort you are willing to put into learning and practicing your skills. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are no lectures in this course. However, I explain what I am trying to accomplish with each line of code, and touch on common pitfalls, too. 

This is a course for beginner C# .net programmers who need to put the concepts and theory they learned into practice and for people who prefer to learn by doing. If you are still learning basic concepts and require lot of explanation and theory, then this course may not be the best fit for you! But if you are ready grow your skills through practice, than you will love this course!

Let's start coding!

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