VanillaCartJS - ES6 JavaScript Shopping Cart


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
All Levels
3 hours
10 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Adrian Bienias
  • Writing more bug free code with strict mode
  • Declaring functions including arrow functions
  • Using JavaScript code inside a string with template strings
  • Creating array of objects to store cart items
  • Using forEach and filter array methods
  • Getting elements from the DOM by querySelector and querySelectorAll methods
  • Storing cart items in browser localStorage
  • Adding, removing and getting items from an array
  • Using if statements and inline shorthand
  • Declaring variables using const and let keywords
  • Adding and removing classes in HTML elements
  • Delaying actions with setTimeout function
  • Inserting new HTML code to the DOM
  • Catching click events by addEventListener method
  • Removing elements from the DOM
  • Adding/removing class names and attributes in DOM elements
  • Using following operators: ++, --, +=, ===, !==, ||, >, <
  • Stringifying array to JSON format
  • Code refactoring
  • Submiting HTML forms remotely
  • Using PayPal as a checkout method


Create A Real World Shopping Cart Project And Learn JavaScript ES6 Along The Way

If you ever wanted to build a simple but powerful shopping cart with JavaScript this course is definitely for you.

This course it's not about creating ultra king size e-commerce solution. It's about creating real world project with business ready attitude.

All products in this project come directly from HTML code. There's no database or any back-end code. If you want to add new product just copy-paste piece of HTML code.

You will create a project with following features:

  • Adding products to the shopping cart
  • Changing quantity of items in the cart
  • Removing single item or all at once from the cart
  • Placing an order via PayPal checkout

Writing code meant to be exciting and I hope it will be like that in this course. As a matter of fact the shopping cart project is just a cover. The real deal is with this course you should learn programming in JavaScript using ES6 features.

It's worth mentioning that every lecture has it's own source code files. So if you will somehow stuck you can always compare your code with code from particular lecture.

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