Using JSON In Unreal Engine 4 - C++


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Paid course
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Daniel Orchard
  • In this video series you will learn how to utilise JSON files in Unreal Engine 4, using the built-in JSON libraries to read and write data to disc


This video series will explore how to utilise Json in your Unreal projects, and show how to read/write json to disc

In this course, we will be looking at how to utilise Unreal's Json implementation to create your own Json files for use in your project. Json is a great method for storing certain data types for all manner of projects, such as pipelines, game data, configs, and more. This course will be written in C++ using Unreal Engine 4.22, however it should apply to previous engine iterations fine, as the library has not changed in some time.

After completing this series you should be able to write your own Json systems for your project, build a nice framework from which to automate the process, and be confident in how to approach your json I/O operations.

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