Unreal Engine: Create an Arcade Classic!


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
All Levels
27 hours
161 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Greg Wondra
  • Understand how to download, install, and setup a project in the Unreal Engine
  • Build levels, create materials, customize particles, and edit sounds in the Unreal Engine
  • Script interactive gameplay elements utilizing Unreal Engine's Blueprint Scripting tools
  • Layout, animate, and give functionality to custom-made menu screens and in-game HUD
  • Create a COMPLETE gaming experience from scratch!


Like "Fortnite?" Master the tools used to build it as we re-create an arcade classic using the Unreal Engine.

In this game design course, I will be guiding you step-by-step through the re-creation of an arcade classic using the Unreal Engine: THE premier free to download gaming engine! (AND the SAME engine used to build the smash hit "Fortnite").

This course contains over 100 fun-to-follow video lessons. Things learned in this course include:

  • How to setup and create a project in the Unreal Engine

  • How to navigate the Unreal Editor

  • How to construct simple levels using basic shapes (geometry)

  • How to import and implement sounds

  • How to understand the basics of Unreal's Blueprint Scripting system including:

    • How to create Variables

    • How to create Functions

    • How to use Events, Flow Control, and Timeline nodes

    • How to organize your Blueprints themselves and scripts

  • How to create interactive objects using Blueprint Scripting such as:

    • Pickups (pellets, power-pellets, fruits)

    • Enemies (ghosts)

    • Warp zones

  • How to implement simple enemy AI

  • How to create interactive menus

  • How to create a game HUD

  • How to animate menu and HUD elements

  • How to create a saving system

  • How to load a saved game

  • How to create a leaderboard

  • How to add fun presentation elements like slow motion, animating scores, flashing text, etc.

  • And more!

With the knowledge gained in these video lessons, you will be armed with the necessary skills to start building your OWN gaming creations (WITHOUT any programming knowledge needed)!

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