Unreal Engine Cinematic Creator for Video Game Design


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
6 hours
40 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Rick Davidson
  • How to use Sequencer in Unreal Engine.
  • How to create a fully functioning cut scene which is triggered from gameplay
  • How to create interactive and non-interactive cut scenes
  • How to animate cameras to create interesting emotions for the player
  • How to use Sequencer for gameplay - for example opening doors or triggering elevators
  • How to use Unreal's library of free assets to make a cool looking portfolio piece


Use Sequencer to Create Cinematic Cut Scenes & Gameplay Moments for Video Games in Unreal Engine 4.

** From the GameDev-tv team who has taught more than half a million awesome students on Udemy **

Make your own cinematic moments using Unreal Engine 4's Sequencer Tool.

Sequencer (which is included with the Unreal Editor - no additional download necessary) is a powerful editor which allows you to add tracks and animate everything from your cameras to your characters to your world.

In this course you will be able to do the following:

  • Create your own non-interactive cut scene which is triggered from gameplay.

  • Compose interesting camera shots and animate your cameras as if you were Steven Spielberg's personal camera operator.

  • Create movement and flavor in your levels by animating world events to take place as the player moves through your level (explosions and landslides anyone?).

  • Create simple gameplay systems such as allowing the player to open doors when they run near them.

  • Create animation sequences and render them to movie format so that you can make your own short films if you so desired.

And along the way we'll talk about cinematography theory such as the different types of shots you can create or the various ways to move your camera, including creating camera rails and camera cranes.

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