Unreal Engine 4 : Getting Started with Blueprints


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
13 hours
53 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
James Yates
  • How to navigate the Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint editor UI
  • What variables are and how they are used in coding
  • How and when to use functions, events and macros
  • The different ways blueprints communicate
  • How to navigate the widget designer UI
  • Create and set up widgets for the players HUD
  • How to create some commonly used gameplay systems
  • How the animation blueprint works


Learn how to code with blueprints in Unreal Engine 4!

Getting Started with Blueprints

In this course we will be starting with the basics like what blueprints are and how to navigate the blueprint editor in Unreal Engine 4, right though to creating game play systems and learning how to use many of the main features of blueprints as well as how to setup widgets.

The goal of this course is to provide you with useful information and knowledge so that your able to plan and create your own gameplay systems in your future projects as well as read other peoples blueprints which can really help speed up the learning process. No previous programming knowledge required!

What will you learn?

  • What are blueprints

  • How to navigate the UE4 blueprint UI

  • What variables are and how to use them

  • How to use variables most commonly used nodes

  • How to use functions, macros and events to keep your project clean and efficient

  • The differences between blueprints types such as characters, game modes and actors

  • Blueprints communication including casting, interfaces and event dispatchers

  • How arrays work and how to change them during gameplay

  • The fundamentals of animation blueprints

  • How to create and setup widget UI on a players screens

  • How to change widget layouts and bind them to variables and functions

  • How to make a health, interaction, respawn and damage game play systems

  • Spawning actors, sounds and particle effects (Both Cascade and Niagara)

  • Code organization

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