Unreal Engine 2020 Absolute Beginner Masterclass


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
9 hours
37 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Govand Game Studios
  • Understand the logic of game development
  • Developing your first game
  • Getting familiar with Blueprints
  • Creating input system
  • How to create particle systems
  • Creating game modes
  • Creating levels
  • Build your game and publish it
  • Understanding Material Logic
  • Sound & Sound system
  • Basics of Lighting
  • Understanding UMG and creating interactive UI
  • Creating Damage, Death, Health, Respawning systems
  • Adding checkpoints into the game


Start creating your first game and impress everyone around you. Learn game development in less than three weeks..

Start your game developing journey with Unreal Engine.

In this course we are going to cover everything you need to know to develop your first game.

We will create a simple and fun Rolling Ball game together that will make you understand the process of game development.

Unreal Engine 4 is the best FREE game engine that is available right now, which can be used to Create Triple-A Quality games with amazing graphics, This is the game engine that is created by Epic Games and they have created the most popular game with it...... FORTNITE

In this course we will cover :
- Downloading & Installing UE4
- Getting used to UE4
- Creating Blueprints
- Understanding the different types of Blueprints
- Coin System
- Health System
- Damage System
- Death System
- Respawn System
- Creating Checkpoints
- Wining from a level to another
- Getting familiar with building an environment
- Creating Particle Systems
- Creating HUD & learning Unreal's UMG to create beautiful and interactive UIs
- Basics of lighting
- Pause Menu
- Restarting the game
- Material & PBR logic
- .....and many more things like Camera rotation Logic, Sounds, Creating Traps.....etc

This will be a series of courses that will teach you game development from an absolute beginner to a Master.. the levels are

-Absolute Beginner

This course is for the Absolute Beginners and we will continue with other levels after finishing this course.

I will promise to explain every single step that we will take in order to make you get the most out of this course.

Enroll NOW and lets learn Unreal Engine together.

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