Ultimate JavaScript Objects


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Course type
Paid course
All Levels
3 hours
65 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Daniel Stern
  • Understand and explain the purpose of objects in JavaScript and in general
  • Create objects using several different kinds of notation
  • Iterate over object properties effectively
  • Copy and deep copy objects and understand the underlying consequences
  • Effective usage and formatting of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
  • Install Lodash.js and implement it in practical situations
  • Create and implement ES6 Classes and methods
  • Understand and execute ES6 Class Inheritance
  • Use ES6 Symbols as a key in objects
  • Composite object methods into new classes
  • Understand the consequences and purpose of prototype
  • Freeze and seal objects to restrict future changes to them
  • Correctly differentiate between methods and properties
  • Intelligently choose object manipulation software to suit real business applications


The Ultimate Guide to JavaScript Objects, where students will learn to create, copy, and master JavaScript Objects

Ultimate JavaScript Objects, the most epic installment of the Ultimate JavaScript series, is a course designed to train any student to be a complete JavaScript Object Pro.

Why is understanding JavaScript objects useful? Any web developer or back-end coder using Node uses JavaScript every day, and features of JavaScript Objects you don't know about yet could be costing you hundreds of hours in lost productivity.

That's why the Code Whisperer, Daniel Stern, put together this course - to arm you with only the most practical tools to increase the productivity in your JavaScript Workflow.

We'll cover tons of topics that YOU need to know including

  • How to create JavaScript Objects the right way
  • How to copy an object without unintended consequences
  • How to use ES6 Classes to make your projects more maintainable and clear
  • All the key terminology and concepts to ace any job interview!

We've really pulled out all the stops to deliver a course that we truly believe is an incredible value.

For the LOWEST PRICE a course can be sold for on this site, you get

  • Two full hours of densely packed educational video
  • Over 10 downloadable handouts 
  • Over 50 challenging quiz questions throughout the course so that you retain the knowledge you need
  • TEN cutting edge coding tests right inside the browser! (That's more than any known competing courses offer)
  • Ten chapters packed with JavaScript knowledge

There's not enough room in this summary to list every reason why this course is an amazing value!

  • A price as low or lower than any non-free Udemy course, but packed with the content of a premium course
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Dozens of useful techniques distilled to improve your productivity and increase your esteem in your coding circle

This course is the crown jewel of any JavaScript student's collection of go-to references and educational compendia.

With the 100% Money Back guarantee, plus an incredible value, there's no reason not to grab to this course today!

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