The Ultimate HTML5 Elements & CSS3 Properties BOOTCAMP


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Paid course
All Levels
39 hours
332 lessons
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Muslim Helalee
  • Understanding How the Web Works
  • Taking a Deep Look at the Building Blocks of the Web
  • Understanding What HTML and CSS are and Why and Where They are Used
  • Understanding the Web Development Process
  • Chapters Outlining Different Skill Levels for HTML and CSS Best Suited to Each and Every Student
  • Learning Latest Versions of HTML (HTML5) and CSS (CSS3)
  • Learning Practical HTML Elements and CSS Properties
  • Understanding The HTML Syntax
  • Learning Modern HTML Tags and How to Write Them
  • HTML5 Semantic Tags and Their Meaning + Practicality
  • Learning Unique HTML Elements
  • Challenges for Each HTML Lesson to Strengthen the Concepts
  • Real World Challenges are Also Included
  • Writing CSS Properties
  • Understanding CSS Syntax
  • Learning Modern CSS Properties
  • Understanding the Practicality and Necessity of CSS in Modern Web Design and Development
  • Learning All about CSS Animations
  • Learning All About CSS Transformations
  • Learning All About CSS Transitions
  • Challenges for Each CSS Lesson to Strengthen the Concepts
  • Awesome Real-World Challenges are Also Included
  • Diving into Super Advanced Modern CSS Properties and Their Usage
  • Learning How to Create Super Cool and Real-World Effects with Only HTML and CSS
  • Learning Modern Design Trends in CSS
  • Learning Unique and Modern CSS Properties


The Most Comprehensive Course That Covers All the Essentials of HTML5 & CSS3 with 200+ Examples & Challenges

***** Course Description *****

  • You will learn all the necessary HTML Elements

  • You will learn all the new HTML Elements

  • You will learn all the necessary CSS Properties

  • You will learn all the new CSS Properties

  • You will learn CSS Animations in depth

  • You will learn CSS Transformations in depth

  • You will learn modern CSS design trends

  • You will be able solve cool and awesome mini-projects

Why Choose This Course?

This is the most comprehensive course on the Essentials of HTML and CSS. In this course you will learn the web development process and how HTML & CSS fit into the picture. This course will make you a wizard of HTML and CSS, therefore you will be able to write HTML and CSS comfortably and quickly. All the new and modern features of HTML and CSS are included and you will have more than 200 examples and challenges along the way. By enrolling in this course, you will have an amazing and unique experience of learning all the nuts and bolts of how HTML and CSS work in a real world context.

How Is This Course Different?

This Course has 38 hours of 1080p HD quality lectures making it one of the largest online courses ever on the topic of covering all the necessary elements of HTML and properties of CSS. This Course builds concepts in a harmonious and easy to understand way specific to anyone who is interested in web development. The sheer volume of examples and challenge (more than 200 of them) will make sure you truly learn everything presented in the course. This course is not only about learning, but also about having fun. That’s why I have included awesome and cool effects that you can create with only HTML and CSS.

One Last Thing to Keep in Mind

This course is NOT going to be a static course. I will definitely update it regularly for fresh content.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start this epic journey together by ENROLLING IN THIS COURSE RIGHT NOW!

The Ultimate HTML5 Elements & CSS3 Properties BOOTCAMP
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  • Certificate available