The Python Mega Course 2022: Build 10 Real-World Programs


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Paid course
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34 hours
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Ardit Sulce
  • Become a Python programmer by learning to build real-world apps in Python 3
  • Build desktop database apps, webcam motion detectors, data visualization dashboards, blog websites, web scrapers, and more
  • Practice the skills with hundreds of interactive Python exercises and projects
  • Build a personal website entirely in Python
  • Build a mobile app that improves your mood with positive quotes
  • Create a web app that processes Excel and CSV files
  • Build a book inventory GUI app with an SQL database backend
  • Create a webcam app that records video and detects moving objects
  • Create a web scraper that extracts real-estate data
  • Create a modern data visualization app
  • Build an app that sends automated emails
  • Interact with our Python online community and get help when you need it


Go from Python absolute beginner to building advanced Python programs! Learn Django, Flask, GUI, web scraping, & more!

What is this course about?
The Python Mega Course is an online course that uses a hands-on teaching approach which has proved to be very successful with thousands of students who have taken the course, built their own programs, and even found a Python job afterward. With 50,000+ student reviews and an outstanding 4.6 average rating, this learning package guarantees you will become a Python programmer after successful completion. The course focuses on teaching you Python by building real-world Python programs. That way, you learn the language syntax, but most importantly, you will learn the actual skill of designing and building real-life programs.

Will I be able to find a job after completing this course?
That is up to how you take the course. Simply watching the videos is not enough. You should try the code on your computer, change it, rerun it, improve it further, fix the bugs, try making a similar app, and ask questions in the Q&A when you get stuck. You will be guided through that entire process, so don’t worry about falling off track.

I don’t know anything about programming. Will I still be able to learn Python?
Yes. This course assumes you have no previous knowledge of programming. Whenever a new programming term emerges in the lectures, we will first explain it academically. Then we use it practically in a real-world code example and reuse it in exercises until you learn everything by heart.

I know Python basics. Is this course for me?
Yes. The first 12 sections of the course cover Python basics. The other 27 sections cover intermediate and advanced Python, and you can jump right into those sections if you know the basics.

What are the ten applications that students will build?
The ten apps covered in the course are: (1) A volcano web map generator, (2) an object detector app that detects moving objects from your computer live webcam, (3) a personal website built with Python and Flask, (4) a book inventory desktop GUI app that has an SQL database backend, (5) a data analysis and visualization dashboard that processes thousands of data records, (6) a mobile app that runs on Android and iOS devices, (7) a program that scrapes data from multiple webpages containing listings of real-estate properties for sale, (8) a web app that collects users’ data via a form and sends users emails, (9) a blog and a translator web app with Django, and (10) a web app that processes Excel files and lets users download the processed files.

What does the content include?
The course is designed around mastering Python by building ten applications that vary from simple to complex. The ten apps are carefully served to students through a combination of videos, coding exercises, quizzes, code notebooks, cheat sheets, and unlimited support from the instructor and the teaching assistant in the course forum. You will also receive an invitation to join our Discord server to chat with other fellow students, participate in code challenges, and get help when you need it to make sure you stay tuned and motivated.

Can we use the apps to build our own portfolio?
Yes, you can publish the apps in your own GitHub private or public account. However, I recommend changing or adding something to the app to make it unique and really yours. Changing or adding something new will also immensely help your learning.

How often is the course updated?
If the code in a video does not work because a new version of Python is released or a new version of a Python third-party package breaks the current code, that video is immediately updated with a new one.

How much time will I need to complete the course?
It is recommended to watch 30 minutes of video content per day, followed by two hours of independent work and exercise activities provided along with the videos. The course has 33 hours of video, so it should take you three months to complete the course, considering you study five days a week. If you want to speed up the process, I recommend watching up to 1 hour of content, but not more, followed by 4 hours of independent work and exercises.

What if I get stuck?
You can drop a question in the Q&A, and the instructor or the teaching assistant will answer your questions within the same day. You can also use the chat in the course Discord server to ask questions and chat with fellow students about Python.

What if I don’t like the course?
That will likely not happen. But, if it does, you are covered by the Udemy 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can quickly return the course. No questions asked.

Does this course cover Python 2 or Python 3?
Python 3.

What IDE/editor is used in the course?
We will use Visual Studio Code in the course. However, many students prefer to use their favorite IDE. PyCharm, Atom, and even IDLE will work fine.

Do I need Windows, Mac, or Linux to take the course?
The operating system does not matter. The code covered in the videos will work 100% the same in all operating systems.

Does the course expire?
No. Once you buy the course, it is yours. You will get all future updates for free as well.

Are other students happy with the course?

Best way to find that out is to look at the student reviews. Here are some of them:
"I tried a few online Python courses and can say with certainty this is the best thing I came across. This content is delivered and explained in amazing way- at the end of each section you are left with comprehensive understanding of what you just did- which is something that lacks in a lot of online courses. Apart from great teacher you also get quite a lot of material- I compared this course with couple of bootcamps priced at several thousands of pounds and there's not much difference in what you take away. Highly recommended!! - Bartosz Bobnis

"This class is the perfect blend of beginner and advanced. I have learned a lot about Python but this lets me apply it! highly recommend! UPDATED A year later I have a job in the field and still, come back to reference his stuff! Great work"! - Taylor Ferguson

"Am just starting the first megaproject. I feel very well equipped with the basics of python and am happy with my coding proficiency at this point. The instructor's practice of teaching small chunks with blocks of coding practice is very effective. Especially useful was learning how to use the python help feature effectively, it saved me hours of online searching. I'm looking forward to the projects. 10/25 Working on SQL app and still lovin' it. Have learned about what certain modules are good for". - Richard Trump

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