The CSS and CSS3 Crash Course


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Course overview

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Paid course
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13 hours
74 lessons
Available on completion
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Stone River eLearning
  • To understand what CSS and CSS3
  • To learn the basic techniques of CSS and CSS3
  • To greatly advance your knowledge of CSS and CSS3
  • To build your first website
  • To build many more websites in the future


The most in-depth CSS and CSS3 course on Udemy.

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Stone River eLearning


With more video content than any CSS or CSS3 course on Udemy, you can be sure you'll learn everything you need without having to read hundreds of pages of text. No eBook here, just great video content.

If you have ever wanted to become a web developer, then you know you need to know both CSS and CSS3. It's your choice how you learn it. You can read through a textbook or eBook, or you can have your own personal tutor showing you how to do everything every step of the way. That's what this course is all about.

If you're interested in more programming, web development or mobile app development courses, Stone River eLearning has everything you need.

How the Course is Taught

This course is taught via a step-by-step tutorial system. You will start with tutorials for beginners who are new to CSS and CSS3 programming and move through progressively more difficult skills, including everything you need to know to build a fully functional, modern and sleek website.

Course Length

There are well over 11 hours of video lectures in this course. It is estimated that you would spend anywhere from 30 - 100 hours in total after viewing all the lectures to practice and master each skill on your own.

Why Take this Course?

You should take this course because it is comprehensive, easy to follow, inexpensive, fun and exciting! Web development is a huge industry, and if you really want to become an app developer, it starts with CSS and CSS3.

The CSS and CSS3 Crash Course
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  • Certificate available