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  • Program with confidence in Apple's new programming language Swift!


A Guide to Apple's New Programming Language for iOS and OSX Development - No Experience Required Beginner to Expert

Have you ever had a great app idea, had an interest in coding or just wanted to learn a new skill?

Well this course is just for you!

Swift is a new programming language by Apple that is used for developing iOS and OSX applications!

If you have ever wondered how the apps on your iPhone, iPad or a Mac computer are made then here is the big secret they are coded in a programming language and now with the release of Apple’s new programming language Swift it has never been a better time to start learning.

Not only is coding a highly in demand skill in the current job market but it is also extremely rewarding and empowering.

Since Swift Just came out there are very few experts in the field and those that want to go in to coding or app development will be at a huge advantage by taking the step to learn the programming language necessary to code for mobile technologies, specifically iOS.

And that is where this course comes in!

You are getting in on the ground level of massively in demand and useful skill.

My name is Ibram Uppal and I am the owner of Megaplex Applications an iOS apps development company and also a full time mobile and web developer.

With this course you will learn programming from the absolute basics all the way to more advanced topics, as well as best practices for coding.

You do not need any experience programming to take this course. So beginners welcome.

So I welcome you to the start of your very exciting journey into iOS and mobile development in the Comprehensive Guide to Swift.

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