The Complete MySQL For Beginners


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Paid course
6 hours
72 lessons
Available on completion
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Ahmad Mohey
  • Install MySQL Database Engine and MySQL Workbench.
  • Understand basics of cloud databases (DBAAS and Virtual Machines)
  • Create SQL Server instances on Microsoft Azure.
  • Create SQL Server instances on AWS (Amazon Web Services).
  • Connect MySQL Workbench to your cloud databases.
  • Create MySQL schema.
  • Create and manage users in database.
  • Work with Sakila database.
  • Create tables using MySQL Workbench.
  • Create tables using SQL script.
  • Learn different data types available in MySQL.
  • Learn how to apply different constraints.
  • Create primary keys, foreign keys and composite keys.
  • Design relational databases and create relationships between tables.
  • Understand and general ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram).
  • Import and Export data using MySQL Workbench.
  • Work with select statement.
  • Filter data using where clause.
  • Work with and, or, not operators.
  • Use like operator and wildcards.
  • Enhance your data selection using (In and between)
  • How to select distinct data only.
  • How to work with union and intersect, except operators.
  • Work with case statement.
  • Enhancing your data selection with sql subqueries.
  • Working with aggregate functions (Min, Max, Avg, Sum, Count)
  • Group table records using group by keyword.
  • Understand difference between where and having.
  • Filter grouped records using having keyword.
  • Integrating aggregate functions with group by and having keywords.
  • Understand what is DML and DDL.
  • Adding database new records using insert statement.
  • Deleting database records using delete statement.
  • Updating database records using update statement.
  • Build complex SQL queries with confident.
  • How to clone tables.


The practical guide to become a MySQL master | MySQL From Scratch (Downloadable SQL Scripts Included).

    Welcome to the Complete MySQL For Developers Course, The practical guide to become a MySQL master

This course will start with you from zero level experience in SQL databases, starting to level up as we are going through the course.

This course will guide you how to install MySQL on a local machine step by step and how to workwith MySQL Workbench (The main GUI that we will be using to work with MySQL Database engine) then you will learn how to create your own cloud databases on the most required cloud services providers in the market...AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure.

You will learn what is meant by concepts like DBaaS and Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)

After you learn the basic concepts of the MySQL and relational databases and how to install it on a machine and on the cloud, You will be ready to start interacting with the database engine, some of the topics this course will cover :

  • How create a database and schema.

  • How create and drop tables using both SQL script and easily with Workbench.

  • Understand the famous terms DML, DDL, schemas, DBaaS and more.

  • You will learn how to create users to access your database based on specific permissions you gave them.

  • How to create different constraints.

  • Create primary keys, foreign keys and composite keys.

  • How to export and import a bulk of data in and out of your database.

  • How to retrieve data from your database using select statement.

  • How to filter data using where clause.

  • How to use aggregate functions (Sum, Min, Max..etc).

  • Learn how to use group by and having with aggregate functions.

  • How to use case statement.

  • Master data manipulation with the essentials statements (insert into, update and delete)

  • How to use the keywords like between, in, distinct, exists and more.

  • Understand how to create subqueries.

  • How to design complex database relations.

  • Cloning database tables easily.

You will be designing a small human resources database from scratch, and we will also work with the  Sakila database. Sakila is sample relational database ready for you to test and use it.  You will learn how to install Sakila database onto your database server and we are going to perform different SQL queries and statements on both HumanResources and Sakila.

With over 30 real world exercises to help you practice and learn more about almost each major topic in the course, I am going to solve all of the exercises with you while giving you some time to try to solve it on your own.

All the SQL scripts I will be using in this course are available for you to download anytime.

Give your CV a huge boost by mastering MySQL with the Complete MySQL for developers course,

Enroll now and start mastering MySQL.

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