The complete guide for UI game development in Unreal Engine


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Paid course
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8 hours
31 lessons
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Animation Hacks
  • Master beginner blueprint concepts, like variables, "if" statements, and arrays
  • Navigate the Unreal Engine and discover unique features like the Marketplace
  • Collect and destroy game objects


Learn Unreal blueprints and UMG widget in UE4 by developing UI games with this comprehensive guide from begin to finish

In this tutorial, you will actually learn how to use the UMG to create User Interface easily.

When it comes to User Interface, the most simple thing can become difficult. A minor task like changing the size of a button or the color of an image can leave you frustrated, especially without the proper guidance.

That is why this course will spell out clear, concise details for features of Unreal Engine 4. It will teach you every element of User Interface, and in little to no time, you will be able to perform advanced logic (like hooking your health bar to your character.)

But that is just the beginning. This course will also show you how to:

  • Use widgets to make quality and fast User Interface.

  • Personalize your game by teaching you to customize images using User Interface.

  • Create bindings for things like progress bars and texts.

Furthermore, you skip all the hassles and cut to the chase to create images, texts, health and progress bars (saving you time and money.)

The course quickly familiarizes you with pallets. It then gives great example projects that help you understand the whole process. That way, you get an easy yet effective learning experience.

Using this course, you can create User Interface at ease with little to no experience. In the end, you will be able to take your skills to a more advanced level.

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More about the Instructor:

This course is designed by Animation Hacks which is the visual effect studio with high-quality skill artist work on numerous unannounced projects. In addition, they enjoy sharing their knowledge with those students who learn 3D online.

NOTE FOR STUDENTS - please take a look Section 1 / Lecture 1 to downloads for the source attachment link with the lesson.)

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