The Complete CSS Course


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Paid course
All Levels
5 hours
70 lessons
Available on completion
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Farda Karimov
  • Modern CSS techniques to create stunning designs and effects
  • How to use and apply the CSS Box model to Page Layout
  • Advanced responsive design: media queries, mobile-first vs desktop-first, em vs rem units, etc.
  • What considerations to take when using CSS for mobile
  • CSS Grid layouts: build a huge real-world project with CSS Grid
  • Flexbox layouts: build a huge real-world project with flexbox


Learn CSS from beginner to advanced level with both theoretical and practical explanations

Are you’re a beginner who wants to start programming and become web developer or experienced programmer who wants to advance their knowledge about CSS.

If your answer is yes, you are the right way and let’s start

We do not assume any prior knowledge so we go through the concepts from the beginner's point of view. This course is prepared to give students an contemporary insights at CSS and CSS3 features.

We will start with the selection of some significant text editors .Then we jump to ways to add CSS and the syntax of the elements in CSS. During the lesson, you will learn to style HTML elements with usage of CSS codes such as color,font size,width,height and etc. You will also see how different types of animations and transitions are set up and learn how to apply them. We will talk about how the CSS Grid and Flexbox layout system, one of the most important topics in CSS, and how they are used to create Responsive Design which means the design can adopt to all of device types such as mobile, computer, tablets, laptops.

After completing the course, you will be able to professionally write the codes of your webpage. Anything covered in theory had a hands on example in the course.This course is both theorical and practical.

The Complete CSS Course
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