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11 hours
102 lessons
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Dezlearn Education
  • Core Java. You will learn Java programming through practical sessions.
  • New to coding? No worries. This course covers coding from scratch.
  • Ideal for professionals transitioning to DevOps wanting to get a coding booster
  • Perfect course for manual testers aspiring to switch into automation world
  • More than enough concepts covered for professionals learning 'Java for Selenium'
  • Get an in-depth understanding of basic & advanced Java concepts
  • Object Oriented Programming (OOPS)
  • Advanced Java Programming
  • In-depth Core Java Concepts
  • Java Programing from Scratch
  • Data Structures in Java
  • Regular Expressions in Java
  • Date and Time Operations (Rev. in Java 8)
  • Exception Handling in Java
  • Working with File System in Java
  • No PPTs. Programming Oriented Sessions.
  • Instructor Guidance and Query Resolution Support


Learn Java from scratch. Ideal for testing professionals transitioning to DevOps or Automation. Java for Selenium.

Hi Friends, this course is specially designed for students who do not have prior coding experience. Course covers all the Core Java Concepts from basic to advanced levels along with practical examples and coding exercises.

This course covers Core Java topics in detail from basic to advanced levels. I believe in example-oriented teaching. So, you won’t find any PPTs during the sessions. But, you will find dozens of real time scenarios used to elaborate Java basic and advanced concepts.

Feel free to post your questions/feedback in the block provided under each session-video. I will make sure that all of your queries are addressed. ‘Course Outline’ below will give you a good idea about the depth and the overall coverage of this course. If you want to learn any other Core Java concept - which is not already covered in this course - then feel free to let me know via Udemy messenger.

Course Outline:

Java Basics

  • JDK 10 and Eclipse Installation

  • Hello World Java Program

  • Primitive Data Types in Java

  • 'var' keyword in Java 10

  • Arithmetic Operators in Java

  • Logical and Bitwise Operators in Java

  • Relational Operators in Java

  • If - Condition in Java

  • Nested If - Condition in Java

  • For Loop in Java

  • Hands-On Exercises on 'For Loop'

  • Nested For Loop in Java

  • Hands-On Exercises on 'Nested For Loop'

  • 'While' & 'Do While' Loop in Java

  • Loop 'Break' & 'Continue' Statements in Java

  • String Basics in Java

  • String Comparison Operations in Java

  • String Search Operations in Java

  • String (Cut) Slice Operations in Java

  • String Replace Operations in Java

  • String Conversion Operations in Java

  • Object Oriented Programing (OOPS) in Java

  • Concept of Classes and Objects in Java

  • Hands on exercises on Class and Object

  • Methods in Java

  • Method Overloading in Java

  • Access Specifiers (Access Modifiers) in Java

  • Constructor in Java

  • Data Encapsulation in Java

  • Static Keyword in Java

  • Concept of Main Method in Java

  • Class and Object Advanced Exercises

  • Class Inheritance in Java

  • Method Overriding in Java

  • Polymorphism in Java

  • Super Keyword in Java

  • Super Class Constructor in Java

  • Protected Access in Java

  • Abstraction in Java

  • Interfaces in Java (Java Interface)

  • Final Keyword in Java

  • Data Structures in Java

  • Arrays in Java

  • Array Object in Java

  • Enhanced (Modified) For Loop for Array Iteration in Java

  • Hands-on Exercises on Array in Java

  • 2-Dimensional Arrays in Java

  • Hands-on Exercise on 2D Arrays in Java

  • Array of Object in Java

  • Array List in Java (ArrayList)

  • Structure of ArrayList in Java

  • Linked List in Java (LinkedList)

  • ArrayList vs LinkedList in Java

  • List Iterator in Java

  • Hash Set in Java

  • Linked Hash Set in Java

  • Tree Set in Java

  • Iterating on Set in Java

  • Hash Map in Java

  • Tree Map in Java

  • Iterating Over Maps in Java

  • Regular Expressions in Java

  • Introduction to RegEx in Java

  • Quantifiers in Regular Expressions

  • Character Classes in Regular Expressions

  • Bracket Expressions

  • OR Operator in RegEX

  • DOT Operator in RegEX

  • Greedy and Lazy Matching

  • Hands-on Exercises on Regular Expressions

  • Regularizing Number Ranges

  • Exception Handling in Java

  • What is an Exception in Java?

  • Error vs Exception in Java

  • Checked and Unchecked Exceptions in Java

  • Throws Declaration in Java

  • Try and Catch Block (Exception Handling) in Java

  • 'Finally' Block in Java

  • Date and Time Operations (Revised in Java 8)

  • Local Date and Time Operations in Java

  • Custom Date and Time Operations in Java

  • Future and Past Date Operations in Java

  • Future and Past Time Operations in Java

  • Date Difference Calculation in Java

  • Time Difference Calculation in Java

  • DateTime Formatter in Java

  • Special Classes in Java

  • Math Class in Java

  • StringBuilder Class in Java

  • StringBuilder Methods in Java

  • Scanner Class in Java

  • Random Class (for creating random numbers) in Java

  • UUID Class in Java (for creating universally unique string IDs)

  • Working with File System in Java

  • How to Read a Text File in Java?

  • Apache Commons IO

  • How to Edit a Text File in Java?

  • Hands on Exercises with Text Files in Java

  • Copy and Move (Rename) a Text File in Java

  • Apache POI Setup

  • Reading Excel Data in Java

  • Read Excel Data into a 2 D Array in Java

  • Write Data in Excel Sheet in Java

  • Interview Questions

  • **I will be updating more topics to this outline as per changing trends in technology**

    To get the maximum benefit from the course, please take a look at following steps explaining 'How to take this course?'

    Step 1:  Schedule 30-45 minutes of your time daily for 5 days a week. 'Continuity' is the key.

    Step 2:  All sessions are divided in small videos of less than 20 minutes. Watch 2-3 videos daily.

    Step 3:  Hands-on exercise is very important. So, immediately try out the programs discussed in the session, on your own. You can download these programs from lecture resources.

    Step 4: Assignments with answer keys are provided where-ever necessary. Complete the assignments before jumping on to the next sessions.

    Step 5:  If you come across any questions or issues, please feel free to contact me and I will make sure that your queries are resolved.

    Wish you all a very happy learning.

    Note: For the best video streaming quality, please adjust the resolution from 'settings' at bottom right-hand corner of video player. Choose 1080p or 720p as per your network speed.

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