The Complete C++ programming course- Build 10 PC Apps [2022]


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Paid course
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Prerak Mehta
  • Learn one of the most powerful programming language in the world, C++ with complete ease and fun
  • Learn Modern day C++ 11, C++17 and Object-Oriented Programming
  • Learn To Build 10 Desktop Applications including building a Casino Game for PC
  • Get a Free Ebook with this course
  • Course curriculum starts from scratch, covering the Basic topics to Advanced topics
  • Includes Quizzes
  • Make pretty much any desktop application


Learn Modern C++11 and C++17 - build real desktop apps and game including Casino game, Food Ordering app and Banking app

Which programming language do I need to master in order to get myself recruited in companies like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google (FANG)? C++

Which is the most popular programming language among the software developers? C++

Which programming language was used to build Windows Operating system? C++

Right now, C++ is the 4th most popular language in the world, according to the TIOBE index. It’s used in various areas where high-performance software is needed. For example, Adobe products, Unreal Engine, and browsers like Chrome and Firefox are built with C++.

C++ will help better understand how computers work. With that knowledge, you can be much more effective while using other languages like Java and C#.

Isn’t C++, little too old a programming language to learn in today’s era?

C++ is still relevant since many applications still bottleneck on processing speed, and the problems with that are not going away.

C++ has had many version releases and updates over the years. It's a sad fact that most C++ courses do not teach Modern C++, but focus on old, obsolete versions of C++.

This course focuses on Modern C++ i.e. C++11 and C++17

There is a lot of free information out there on internet, why should I spend my money to buy this course?

Yes. You are absolutely correct! There is a lot of free information out on internet but would you like to learn from a platform full of advertisements and no detailed explanation?

You get to interact with the instructor on this platform where you can ask any question related to the course and the instructor responds within 24 hours.

This course format includes theory concepts which are then reinforced with live code examples. Lastly you have the advantage of getting certificate upon completing the course.

How does this course stand out in comparison to other C++ courses on Udemy?

The biggest flex of this course is that you learn to build 10 real desktop applications! No other courses on Udemy teach to build practical and relevant desktop applications.

You get the ebook ‘5 ways to earn as C++ programmer’ worth 25$ absolutely FREE with this course.

The course is designed specifically for beginners, so the explanation in every lecture is detailed and the process of learning the basic fundamentals to Advance concepts is step by step.

The curriculum of this course focuses on modern C++ 11 and C++17. Majority of the courses out there still teach the same old C++98 which is not quite relevant in today’s world.

I do not belong to IT sector but I do want to transit my career and get myself in the field of Technology. Is this course a perfect start?

Yes absolutely! C++ is still one of the most popular programming languages used in game development. It's also heavily used in embedded applications and developing Operating Systems. And as mentioned earlier the course is specially designed for beginners so that they can learn with all ease.

What does this course cover?

The main contents of this course are divided into 3 sections: BASICS, INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED.

The remaining sections teach how to build some great desktop apps and games like:

# Attendance Management app

# Banking app

# Bus Reservation app

# Casino Game

# Doctor's Appointment Management

# Food Ordering App

# Hotel Management App

# Student Database Management App

# Student Report Card App

# Supermarket billing App

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