The Complete C# Programming Course


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Course overview

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Paid course
22 hours
131 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Codestars by Rob Percival
  • Learn the fundamentals of C# and .NET Framework
  • Work with Primitive and Custom Data Types
  • Debug your code to find and fix bugs that are causing unexpected behavior in your code
  • Control the flow of code execution by using Conditional Statements (if/else, if/else if/else, switch)
  • Work with the Console and Manipulate all of its aspects
  • Effective ways to manipulate strings
  • How to use loops in many different scenarios
  • Work with One and Multi dimensional arrays
  • Work with Lists and learn the difference between Lists and Arrays
  • Confront and solve difficult problems on your own
  • Create methods to write less code and improve its readability
  • Understand and Implement The Best Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Practices
  • Understand Fields & Properties, The relationship between them and the tidbits of Properties
  • Create Constructors, Constructors Chaining, Automated Constructors and more
  • The .this and .base keywords, what is their purpose, when, why and how to use them
  • Namespaces and how they help us organize our code better
  • Implementing the 5 Access Modifiers
  • Understand the Concept behind the 4 Pillars of Object Oriented Programming
  • Inheritance, Base and Derived Classes
  • Abstraction, Abstract Classes and Interfaces, when to use which and what is the difference between them
  • Encapsulation or how to hide your code
  • Polymorphism, write less and more optimized code
  • Cohesion & Coupling
  • Many, many Quality Code Tips and Guidelines throughout the course


Master C# and .NET Framework - learn with code challenges, exercises, and real-life examples!

Last year C# was named one of the most popular languages for mobile development and game development out there!

--- Why learn C#?

C# was designed by Microsoft and is a simple and modern programming language that's incredibly widely used by developers, and used by Microsoft for everything from Windows application development, to web development, and game design.

So it's a fantastically useful programming language to use, but how does taking this C# course help you? Well...

  • Are you a young developer trying to increase your skill set and make yourself attractive employers?

  • Are you an experienced coder looking to change your career path?

  • Do you know a bit of C# but really want to hone your C# skills?

  • Or perhaps you want to develop your own apps and websites?

  • Or build games?! The incredibly popular Unity game engine uses C#!

If you answered 'YES!' to any of the above, this course is exactly what you need! Take your C# coding skills from novice to pro, and get the job you want.

--- Why this course?

With over 20 hours of content, this is the biggest, best and most in-depth course yet from Instructor Tod Vachev.

As an instructor Tod has already taught over 70,000+ students to code, and has published a number of highly-rated and best-selling C# courses on Udemy... Tod takes you step-by-step through the fundamentals of C#, using regular challenges and practical exercises to make sure every student enrolled on the course is able to put theory in to practice, and use their C# skills with ease! 

Students loved his previous courses!

***** Outstanding course put together by a teacher who knows how to teach well.

***** Clear communication and beginner friendly without dumbing it down

***** The course progressively (and logically) builds concept upon concept. The lectures are short and very manageable. Excellent!

---Challenges and exercises

This is a really hands-on course! Throughout each section you'll complete in-lecture exercises and coding challenges. Experience shows that this is the best way to learn, practice and internalise the fundamentals of C#.

Each topic has a new challenge, and after you've had a go at completing the exercise/challenge by yourself, the instructor will go through every step of the exercise on screen - giving you tips an tricks as he does so! 

By the end of the course you'll have the skills and confidence to build your own projects (and more!)

--- Is this course for you?

No coding experience required, this course takes your from beginner to pro - and (other than enrolling in the course) everything you need to succeed is included in the course!

There’s no better time to become a professional developer, so enroll in the course now and you can start learning C# immediately! 

Good luck! 

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