Swift 4 Cookbook: The Ultimate Collection of iOS Quick Fixes


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Paid course
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6 hours
340 lessons
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Stephen DeStefano
  • Find quick fixes for real-world Swift and UIKit problems
  • Understand key techniques such as weak variables, guard, and defer
  • Build your own library of solutions for common problems


Get instant, proven solutions and answers to over 300 common iOS, Swift 4, and Xcode problems

If you're tired of scrolling through Stack Overflow trying to resuscitate ancient Swift 2.0 code, this is the perfect course for you: over 300 of the most common questions for Swift, iOS, and Xcode get answered right here, with all code fully updated for iOS 11 and Swift 4.

This is real, hands-on stuff that gets right to the point: 

  • How do you use the new Codable protocol to load and save your data?
  • How can you add real-time shadows to your views?
  • How do you add section headers to table views?
  • How do you record audio using AVAudioRecorder?
  • How can you add particle effects to UIKit apps? 
  • How can you make an action repeat itself?

All those and more are covered right here, right before your eyes.

Organized for your convenience

With such a huge library of videos to learn from, you might be wondering how fast it can really be to find solutions inside this cookbook collection. Well, let me tell you: it's fast. The whole course is organized by segments such as CALayer, SpriteKit, and UIKit, so in one click you narrow your search down to what interests you most.

And from there you can either jump straight to the solution you care about – "how can I rotate my view?" – or just browse the category to stumble upon all-new things you haven't even tried before.

Tried and tested solutions

Anyone could put together some Swift code examples and call it a cookbook, but this collection is different.

First, this is the largest collection of its type in the world – with over 300 categorized solutions, this is a simply unbeatable problem-solving resource.

Second, this course comes with complete, downloadable source code for all solutions, so you can try them out easily.

Third, these solutions are proven: 10,000 students have already learned Swift from me, so I know the problems they hit time and time again. This course was crafted specifically to solve all the most common problems developers hit with UIKit, SpriteKit, Swift, and more.

But most importantly…

You're guaranteed incredible quality. No more scrabbling around Stack Overflow trying to find fixes, no more reading through ten pages of Google search results to find what you need.

Instead, the Swift 4 Cookbook gives you all the fixes you need to take your apps to the next level, all fully revised and updated for Swift 4 and iOS 11.

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