Swift 3 and iOS 10 The Final course learn to code like a pro


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  • Develop any iOS app you can dream of
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SiriKit, iOS 10, Swift 3. Get this course and start learn it all before everybody else.

*** Last Course Updated at 02/11/2016 ***

All lectures on this course uses XCode 8, Swift 3 and iOS 10

NO Fillings, NO old lectures, No unrelated topics

*** Add SiriKit app, Create a new app that use Siri while learning how to create your own Framework and Extensions ***

*** Add Sticker Packs app for iMessage, Create a new app to use stickers in iMessage ***

*** Add Speech Recognition from Audio Files and Microphone ***

*** Add App Message Extensions ***

*** Add Tic-Tac-Toe game using Message Extension ***

*** Add Advance Auto Layout ***

In June 13 at the WWDC 2016 Apple announce the new iOS 10 and the new Swift 3, few days latter Swift Next Step brings to you the most amazing course about iOS development ever made: "Swift 3 and iOS 10 The Final course learn to code like a pro"

In this course we will go well beyond the other courses, we will look each command, function, statement from its simples form to it most advance.

Different from many other course you will not just sit there and watch me type, you will actually learn and use each and every single topic explained on your own, but when double strike I will be always with you, clarifying each step until you get it perfectly right.

So why learn iOS 10 and Swift 3 with us? 

Because iOS developer are some of the highest  payed programmer and the demand for Swift developers grown every day.

Now is the time and this course is the way!

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