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  • Best to Expert Level knowledge of Java to implement with different automation tool like Selenium & Appium
  • Ready to work in Automation Tools like Selenium, Appium & API Testing using Java(RestAssured)
  • Details understanding of advance concepts like OOPS, Excel Handling, DB Handling.
  • Detailed knowledge of supporting Tools and Libraries like MAVEN, JUNIT, TestNG
  • Many Quiz and Practice exercise to regularly evaluate your learning


Practical Programming, Java for Selenium Webdriver / Appium/ RestAssured, TestNG, Maven, DB Connection, OOPS Concept

➖➖➖➖>> Course Updates <<➖➖➖➖

Sep 2021  :   Added Programming solutions of all exercise

Dec2020   :   Added Maven Videos

Aug 2020  :   Updated Video and Sound Quality

Mar 2020 :   Added JUnit & TestNG videos


  • JAVA is a most popular programming language for developer as well as testers.

  • From Testers point of view, we can use it with different tools like Selenium, Appium, Robotium, Jmeter and many other automation tools.

  • If you’re new to programming and want to enter either of these fields, this course is a great place to get started.

  • No Pre-requisite for staring this course, we will teach from installation to realtime implementation



  • In this course we prepare student for all automation challenges, it gives coverage of almost all basic and advance concepts of java which are required to work on different automation tool.

  • Here you will cover basic concepts like Class, Object, String, Loop and advance concepts like File Handling, working with Excel, Database connectivity, Collection API.

  • Here we cover OOPS in details which makes you working as well as interview ready.

  • Advance concepts like Exception Handling, Excel handling

  • File Handling & Excel Handling

  • Working with JUnit & TestNG

  • Working with Maven

  • Many Programming Exercise and Quiz

  • Access Modifiers, Keywords

  • Debugging

  • Interview Questions and Tips

  • 50+ Programming exercise for regular practice.

After completing this course, you will be very much comfortable to start automation and face automation interviews

Also you gonna get our instructor support to clear you queries asap.

Its a continuous grooming course which will give you in depth knowledge of theory as well as practical concepts

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