Statistics for Data Analysis Using R


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Sandeep Kumar ­
  • You will first learn the basic statistical concepts, followed by application of these concepts using R Studio. This course is a nice combination of theory and practice.
  • Descriptive Statistics - Mean, Mode, Median, Skew, Kurtosis
  • Inferential Statistics - One and two sample z, t, Chi Square, F Tests, ANOVA, TukeyHSD and more.
  • Probability Distributions - Normal, Binomial and Poisson
  • You will learn R programming from the beginning level.


Learn Programming in R & R Studio • Descriptive, Inferential Statistics • Plots for Data Visualization • Data Science

Perform simple or complex statistical calculations using R Programming! - You don't need to be a programmer for this :)

Learn statistics, and apply these concepts in your workplace using R.

The course will teach you the basic concepts related to Statistics and Data Analysis,  and help you in applying these concepts. Various examples and data sets are used to explain the application.

I will explain the basic theory first, and then I will show you how to use R to perform these calculations.

The following areas of statistics are covered:

Descriptive Statistics - Mean, Mode, Median, Quartile, Range, Inter Quartile Range, Standard Deviation. (Using base R function and the psych package)

Data Visualization - 3 commonly used charts: Histogram, Box and Whisker Plot and Scatter Plot (using base R commands)

Probability - Basic Concepts, Permutations, Combinations (Basic theory only)

Population and Sampling - Basic concepts (theory only)

Probability Distributions - Normal, Binomial  and Poisson Distributions (Base R functions and the visualize package)

Hypothesis Testing - One Sample and Two Samples - z Test, t-Test, F Test, Chi-Square Test

ANOVA - Perform Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) step by step doing the manual calculation and by using R.

What are other students saying about this course?

  • This course is a perfect mix of theory and practice. I highly recommend it for those who want to not only get good with R, but to also become proficient in statistics. (5 stars by Aaron Verive)

  • You get both the “how” and “why” for both the statistics and R programming. I’m really happy with this course. (5 stars by Elizabeth Crook)

  • Sandeep has such a clear approach, pedagogic and explains everything he does. Perfect for a novice like myself. (5 stars by Hashim Al-Haboobi)

  • Very clear explanation. Coming from a non-technical background, it is immensely helpful that Prof. Sandeep Kumar is explaining all the minor details to prevent any scope for confusion. (5 stars by Ann Mary Biju)

  • I had a limited background in R and statistics going into this course. I feel like this gave me the perfect foundation to progress to more complex topics in both of those areas. I'm very happy I took this course. (5 stars by Thach Phan)

  • Dr. Kumar is a fantastic teacher who takes you step by step. Can't say enough about his approach. Detailed. Not only clear descriptions of statistics but you will learn many details that make R easier to use and understand. (5 stars by James Reynolds)

  • This is a wonderful course, I do recommend it. The best Udemy course I took. (5 stars by Joao Alberto Arantes Do Amaral)

  • The course exceeded my expectations and i would like to thank the instructor Mr Sandeep Kumar for creating such an amazing course. The best thing about this course is the Theory incorporated that helps you understand what you are going to code in R. I have really learnt a lot. If you a looking for the best course for R then look no further because this is the best there can be. (5 stars by Kipchumba Brian)

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I hope to see you in the course.

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