SQL for Data Analysis: Core Data Scientist’s Skills


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Course overview

Course type
Paid course
3 hours
31 lessons
Available on completion
Course author
Scandinavian Institute of Business Analytics
  • Write programs in SQL (custom function, loops, and more)
  • Understand math behind SQL statistical functions
  • SQL commands needed for advanced data analysis
  • Ways for importing data with T-SQL
  • Connection codes for R, Python, Excel VBA and IBM SPSS
  • Key features of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio


Learn everything you need to know about SQL and Microsoft SQL Server for successful data science work

Did you know that the way you learn new things matters the most? The Internet is full of scattered information. There might be even books and courses on the topic you’re interested in. But by picking the wrong book or an ineffective course, you’re at risk of wasting your time, money, and most importantly, falling behind your potential competitors.

This course was created by experts from the Scandinavian Institute of Business Analytics, experts who know what matters and how to teach.

With this course, you’ll learn exactly what skills matter when using SQL for data analysis. You will learn how to use the top-notch technologies available in Microsoft SQL Server, the math behind the statistical functions, how to write your custom functions effectively, transform the data, and connect it with analytics software.

Upon completion, you’ll have the core SQL skills that data scientists need. Your SCANBA certificate will prove it to others.

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