Spice Up Your C# Code With Advanced Language Features


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Mark Farragher
  • Learn advanced C# language features
  • Master Extension Methods
  • What does the yield return statement do?
  • Use Expression Bodied Properties
  • Soft and hard typecasts
  • What is an Auto Property Initializer?
  • Have fun with Declaration Expressions
  • The Null Coalescing Operator
  • ... and much more!


A comprehensive guide on how to spice up your C# code with many advanced language features

Updated on November 21, 2017 - added new promo video

In this course I am going to teach you some very cool and advanced C# language features.

How many of you can explain what the yield return statement does? What are the benefits of auto property initializers? And what's an expression bodied function?

If you don't know about these power features, you might be typing way too much code that the C# compiler can produce for you automatically. This is slowing you down and it may reduce the quality of your code.

Let me help you!

In this course I will teach you 10 advanced power features of the C# language. You will learn all about the null coalescing operator, auto properties, object initialisers, lambda expressions, and much more! And I will also show you some very cool new language features that were introduced in C# version 6.

By the end of the course you will be fluent in advanced C#, and this will help you write better, cleaner and more compact code.

Why should you take this course?

You should take this course if you are a beginner or intermediate developer and want to learn advanced features of the C# language. This might seem like a challenge, but all of my lectures are very easy to follow and I explain everything clearly. You'll have no trouble following along.

Or maybe you're preparing for a job interview? The knowledge in this course will help you prepare for any questions they might throw at you.

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