Serverless React with AWS Amplify - The Complete Guide


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Alan Smithee
  • Learn how to create stunning end-to-end serverless React apps
  • See how to rapidly build React apps; faster than you've ever built React web apps before!
  • Use and implement all of the major AWS services that are made available with Amplify
  • Discover how to make infinitely scalable React projects which run entirely in the cloud


Build full-stack React apps faster than ever, which scale to millions of users, and run entirely in the cloud!

Do you want to make amazing, performant, and overall better React applications?  Look no further than AWS Amplify.

This course is the best guide you'll find to learn Serverless React App building.

In it, we will be making two complete React / AWS Amplify projects, from project start to deployment on the web.

Here's what we'll be making:

  • A Full-Stack Serverless Marketplace app (similar to Udemy), built with React / Amplify, a complete GraphQL API, Multi-Factor Authentication, Lambda Functions for charging customers / sending emails, Stripe for payment processing and the component library Element for styling

  • A Real-Time Notetaker App (made both with class components and React Hooks), with full CRUD functionality, GraphQL Subscriptions, complete Authentication and all written in ~100 lines of JavaScript

What will this course cover?

  •   Creating entire GraphQL APIs from the command line using the Amplify CLI 

  •   Building sophisticated serverless GraphQL APIs with AWS Appsync

  •   Multi-Factor Authentication and Verification Codes using AWS Cognito

  •   Creating serverless REST APIs (functions) with AWS Lambda that run entirely in the cloud

  •   Using GraphQL Subscriptions to Broadcast Data Changes in Real-Time

  •   Executing GraphQL Queries and Mutations both in the GraphiQL Console and in our React Client

  •   How to integrate React Hooks with Amplify applications

  •   Sending emails with Amazon's Simple Email Service

  •   Image and file uploads with AWS S3 Storage

  •   How to deploy our completed apps with S3 Hosting

  •   Customizing Amplify's built-in React Components

  •   Storing and managing our app data with a DynamoDB database

  •   Flexible, robust search capabilities with the help of AWS ElasticSearch

  •   Using Stripe for payment processing and using it in React Apps with Stripe Checkout

  •   Verifying user emails / phone numbers with email confirmations

  •   Working with the AWS Console extensively

  •   React Context for managing app state

  • React Router 4 (with some useful tricks)

  •   Formatting dates with the date-fns library

  •   Two CSS libraries in-depth -- Element and Tachyons

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