Rume Academy - Introduction to SpriteKit in Swift


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Paid course
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14 lessons
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Timothy Meixner
  • Understand basics of the SpriteKit framework
  • Work with SKNodes
  • Work with SKSpriteNodes
  • Work with SKPhysics
  • Develop a basic game flow
  • Have already programmed a little, fun game completely from scratch


Learn the basics of SpriteKit by using them to develop your first game.

Disclaimer: This course is recorded in Swift 2. However the changes in Swift 3 are minor and you will still be able to learn a lot about the SpriteKit framework here. There also is an updated version of the final project provided by a fellow student included!

In this course you will learn about the basics of the SpriteKit framework. In order to make this interesting and not just theoretic lectures we have decided to develop a fun little game on the way by directly implementing what we learn about. You will be provided with all resources needed!

The game we will create is an endless scrolling game, meaning the goal is to make our hero, a guy on a hoverboard, jump over as many aliens as possible and collect points for each one.

While developing this game we will learn:

  • Basic structures and elements of SpriteKit
  • Working with SKNodes
  • Working with SKSpriteNodes
  • Working with SKPhysics
  • Creating a game flow
  • Scoring

We hope you will learn a lot here and look forward to seeing you in the first lecture!

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