Relief Engraving and Contemporary Printing

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Pablo Salvaje

The RAE has it clear: a gouge is a thin, half-carved chisel, used by carpenters and other craftsmen to carve curved surfaces. For Pablo Salvaje it's something else, a gouge is an extension of his hand that has allowed him to create his best works and travel the world doing what he loves.

In this course, the multi-talented Sevillian artist will accompany you in the process of creating an installation using embossing and embossing to set a room with a mural.


Learn engraving and printing manual techniques to create one-of-a kind spaces

You will start knowing Pablo's career, his personal, professional and social projects. You will know their influences both from artists and from nature.

You will become familiar with the workspace and with the basic tools to work in relief. You will review the materials to be used in the course and then, you will learn the basic concept to work in relief: the law of positive and negative.

After the theoretical review, I'm sure you'll be willing to get down to work and that will be exactly what you will do. You will start by sketching what your mural will be using books, photographs, sketches and learning about compositions, color palettes and visual balance before passing your design to the DM.

Using the matrix that you will carve, you will use it first to print a print run and another on fabric, to also discover the characteristic properties of other materials before making your mural.

You will experiment with polymeric materials such as white clay or clay, to discover textures and reliefs in the lines of your matrix. You will learn to use natural elements to extract reliefs that will bring volume and life to your composition.

Finally, you will assemble all the elements that you have created in the course on the wall of your choice to create your mural.

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