Real-World Mathematical Optimization Problems


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Paid course
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3 hours
30 lessons
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Dr. Spyros Giannelos .
  • Easily & quickly develop an optimization model from scratch.
  • FICO Xpress is the software you will learn. You do not need software engineering background.
  • Download, install and use the software without expiration date and for free.
  • In less than 2 hours, you will have a very good grasp of the software & you can build your own models


Become an expert in Mathematical Optimization by building real-world problems with the established software FICO Xpress


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This is the only course that teaches you the simplest way to learn optimization;

We are learning the software FICO Xpress Optimization; and this is the most stable software out there.

Python and Pyomo are indeed brilliant, but sometimes they do have issues due to deprecation of packages and the constant updates that

Python / Pyomo receive.

In addition, by purchasing this course, you get life-long access to the course and to all of its updates; I am updating the videos all the time. You can message me your own recommendations and I will do a video and come up with the code for it. That's really nice - isn't it?

Of course, you get 30 days money-back guarantee, so  If you do not like the course, then you simply get 100% of your money back!

Again, this is the only course on FICO Xpress anywhere on the internet. And basically, FICO Xpress, allows you to build optimization models, with confidence. I have worked on it for ages, and I can guarantee that it is definitely very stable. Plus, you get to have significant support from a dedicated support team - unlike other packages out there;

So, I am looking forward to you enrolling and we will catch up later! 

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